Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bonjour Monsieur Kiwi

My wonderful friend Yoon See sent me a cute little challenge about
a week or two ago and I just got a chance to do it. She sent me a picture of a kiwi that she was having
for breakfast and wanted to see what I might do with it. She sent a Kiwi to a couple of us
and this is what I did with mine. Meet Monsieur Kiwi! hee hee hee! It's funny because
I don't eat Kiwi, but I would take this one home hee he hee! thanks so much Yoon
for challenging me to stretch my imagination. It was fun! Have a good week


Nothinglikeit said...

Awesome. Never have I laughed so hard at a kiwi!
That was a great idea - this could be the start of a new blog for you - call it Vanessa Gets Fruity!

Can I play? Send the kiwi to Robinleigh49 at


nellita said...

hehehe THIS IS SO FUNNY!!! I love this kiwi!!!He is very handsome!;)

Cheryl Lynn said...

Not surprising that your kiwi is very dashing indeed. He is truly the cat's meow!

Your imagination and talent is so incredible and amazing!

Good challenge for a great artist.

Love ya, hon.

yoon see said...

Firstly Vanessa, my appology to drop by late.
Thanks for your lovely comments as always.

I really love this Cute Guy with Kiwi Head.
Super creative!
I have more tags for you dear Vanessa!
I have bought the printer and only installed it yesterday night.
Look like I can send you the stuff now. He..He..Thank you for your patience on me.

I will send you the links later.

Very busy lately. As you know, my IF submission always on Wednasday and Thursday now.
There are a few friends have done this tag too.

Tomás Serrano said...

Ha, ha, ha. Great idea.

Tomás Serrano said...

Ha, ha, ha. Great idea.

Indigene said...

Lol! I love those teeth! lol! You don't know how much I needed to see this! What a scream!

Romont Willy said...

Hi, Vanessa, what your email?
I talk to you.

DEB said...

Silly! Cute!

Sabbio said...

Ton Monsieur Kiwi est très réussi! ^^

Yes indeed you made a great French man with this kiwi, so funny!

Asja said...

This is so funny and charming! you have a great imagination!

Tessa said...

Kiwitastic! I'll never look at a kiwi in the same light again. They may have orginated in New Zealand, but to me they will always be French! Thank you for starting Monday off with a good giggle, Vanessa!

Tammy said...

This is a great challenge. Love him!

Aaron said...

thats a pretty funny challange! great work on this blog! keep it up!

Diana Evans said...

that is the coolest idea ever!!! Yoon See is so clever and I love your take on this challenge!!! wonderful work Vanessa!!!


ArtSparker said...

A lot of fun.

Peter Breese said...

I was always told that if your face turned green it was probably a bad sign that you were bound for the closest restroom. That said, this chap looks rather happy!

Ces said...

Girl you are a genius!!!

MONICA said...

Bonjour Vanessa!! Never have I laughed so hard at a kiwi!,is so funny!.

Good challenge for a great artist.
Hugs and regards :)

dandeliondog said...

hahaha oh my goodness that's amazingly funny! love his little black beret :)

Shirley said...

Thank you, Vanessa, for your amazing comments for my recent IF piece. You have given me that bit of "oomph" to press on, and work hard to achieve my I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. You are so gifted, and such a bright star in my blog world. : )

Angela Meijer said...

This is fabulous!!! He's so funny.

Michelle Henninger said...

Hmmm, I wonder if he knows my friend Madmoiselle Lemon, she's a tart little lady, but she's got a zest for life!

Nice job V! You always make me smile! And thanks for the very kind comments on WaWe! You are an amazing lady!

yoon see said...

Here is the compilation:

BINO said...

héhéhéhé! I love Mr Kiwi!

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