Sunday, August 30, 2015

Illustration Friday's "WORK"

Renee never thought of her job as work. She got to fly to the most exotic places and stay in gorgeous hotels. She was only reminded when passing out peanuts, liquor, and giving instruction in case of emergency. Have a great week everyone!


Bella Sinclair said...

So chic!!! Ah, the glory days of flying. I liked that show Pan Am. Did you watch that? Too bad it got cancelled. I think this lady is like you. Art may be your livelihood, but dang, girl. You make it seem so easy, breezy and fun!

Beep boop boop beep I am a robot.


lorenabr said...

How lovely! Cute as always!

Charlene McCain said...

You are just truly amazing! Love your work!

kj said...

the peanuts tell the real story every time! :^)

always nice to stop by here and meet your many illustrative friends…