Monday, December 7, 2015

I can't hear, "I love you" from folks who don't love themselves. If you don't love you how can you love someone else? I don't always get it right, but I love me some me and this is just the way God wants it to be. I love my face so round, brown and full, I love my hair kinky curly as soft as lambs wool. My brown eyes, my lips, my arms and legs And all the joyful thoughts that run through my head. I love me some you, brown, white or yellow, I love me some you, all the girls and all the fellas I want you to love you because your special it's true. If you spend your time wanting to be someone else who is going to be you? Stop comparing yourself cause you can only do you Learn to love yourself and others will learn to love you too. And just incase they don't you are still fire all by yourself. The secret to love is love yourself and then you can love somebody else. Written by Phat Mo.


Shell said...

You should make this a poster!! Your artwork is always so beautiful.

Express Yourself Studios, LLC said...

Love this!!!

Edna Shirley said...

Lovely post. Really beautiful. Keep updating. Thank you for sharing. :)

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samson said...

As a born and bred South Carolinian who is of Gullah descent, I've followed with interest the uproar over the children's book about baking a cake for George Washington. I can't critique the book for I've not read it.I can say that the illustration on the book's cover is very cute and conveys joy. Vestiges of slavery remains visible and potent here in the beautiful state of South Carolina. It's rare as an African American that I don't experience a day of overt and/or covert forms of racial descrimination. Klu Klux Klans, confederate flags, areas you dare not enter day or night; pick up trucks with rifles in back windows; a corruupt, punative criminal justice system makes for a posionous 'frogmore stew'. Mrs. Brantley-Newton given your silence and the explanation provided by the author I believe you can turn my description of life in South Carolina into a tale of celebration and exquisite illustraions. Hence, the furor over the book.

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