Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Neo Soul Nursery Rhymes

Hello Everyone,
I would like to share some wonderful news with you all. My baby Sister
Coy Curry of 2geecheegirls.blogspot.com
along with our sistergirl Wendy Jean of Redhipppbox.com
are about to release a brand new fabulous
CD of children's music called Neo Soul Nursery Rhymes Vol. 1.
I am so excited for them! They have really worked so very hard
on this awesome project. This is something fresh and new I promise.
Have you ever been stuck in the car with your child or children and asked
to play the same songs over and over again??? You know, those songs
that make you want to.... oh well.... umm... pull your hair out and
scream to the top of your lungs??? Okay this is the remedy for that.
Neo Soul Nursery Rhymes has something for everyone. It's old
school rhymes set to a neo soul sound. If you like Jill Scott, Nora Jones,
OutKast, or Common then you are going to enjoy this little slice of
heaven. I kid you not, you will find yourself singing the tunes along
with the kids. I had the joy and honor of doing the CD art as well as
writing some of the songs and yes singing. Some of you know that
I am a musician and singer as well. You will get to hear
my big mouth on most of the songs like "The Wheels on the Bus
and Hey Diddle, Diddle. You can check out what it sound like at their website
You can also purchase it there as well. It will be released at the end of
the month, but you are welcome to pre-order if you would like.
To Coy and Wendy, thanks so much for letting me share in your
joy! You make me so very proud! You ladies, of course,
I want to Thank all of you for your support in advance. It means so
much! Thanks again.
P.S. just click on the link on the side bar to the right.


Owl Eng said...

nice thoughts of having such a wonderful project which benefits every parent and kid!
Your lovely illo has aroused my impulse to get this nice CD!

Cheryl Lynn said...

Ooooohhhh, I will be getting this CD! I think this is just a blast. I'm so happy for you and your collaborators. This is wonderful! We need many more projects like this. Your illo is astounding!

Congrats and Kudos, my dear.

P.S. I visited the website and heard the samples! Wow, what a set of pipes you have! A multi-talented Girlie, you are!

Shell said...

Wow, this sounds cool. I'm going to pass it along to some other people. Love the cover, too.

yoon see said...

I always love listening Rhymes Vanessa. Your creative style on this illo certainly win the hearts of all parents and their kids.

I hope I have a CD like this playing in my heart!

2 Geechee Girls said...

Hey Big Sis! You fill my heart with joy with your encouraging words. This project has been a joy to produce and mainly because it was birthed out your passion and joy for children's illustration and forever celebrating the child in you. Thanks for lending your time and talent to Neo Soul Rhymes Vol. 1. Your contribution at the writing and drawing table will never be forgotten! Love you lots!

Peter Breese said...

I'll definitely check out that site ASAP. Congrats to all involved.

Anonymous said...

Looks lovely, sounds great!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

You know something, It's folks like you and you and you that make me feel so encouraged! You all are such talented people. Each of you. Each week we tune in to each others blogs and it's like getting a shot in arm to get you through the week. I know it's country, but I have to say it, "Yall folks are the best!!!!! Thanks so much for your kind words. Love yall!!!

Kelly Light said...

I just couldn't be made more happier by your work- it's better than the smell of cotton candy being made!

Mechelle Harrison said...

Oh what a great idea...jazz it up!!

C.B. Canga said...

really like your style. very well done. keep it up

Loni Edwards said...

Oh yes, I can remember a few CD's we had to listen to again and again. "Pway it again, Momma!" LOL How exciting! Love the illo too! Beautiful, fun and imaginative!

Robert Baird said...

Oooohhh weeeeee you have a talented family!!!

Ok now I'm singing.....

"We are family
I got all my sister's with me
We are family
Get up everybody and sing!

What you don't know is, I'm dancing too... Hee hee!

Congrats to you and your lovely sisters!!

DEB said...

Very cool! I'll have to wait for someone to make a baby and give it as a shower gift! I remember those annoying toddler songs - the Alvin and the Chipmunks tape was THE worst!

Sabbio said...

Wow, what e great sister project! :) I went to listen, it's really good :D And I love your cover!

Maldito Columpio said...

Oh my!, this is a beautiful color explosion!
I love it

Amy C said...

how totally cool, if its as awesome as the cover - then the whole thing ROCKS congrats girls!

Cheryl Lynn said...

You know, Nessa, I really can't stop looking at your artwork for the Nursery Rhymes CD. I was just wondering, do you think if I look hard enough, I could somehow place myself in your illo and live on that street? It's so pretty, I just feel I should live there...


sketched out said...

Wowww! Just got done bopping around to the music, giggling and tapping my foot! (I like cheese, hee heeee!) Between the fun fun fun and fantastic music and the wonderful cover art how can you gals miss!

I'm getting a CD for my selfish self first then maybe some of the kiddies in my life will get one too! Yay you guys!!!

ladyd210 said...

Awesome and congrats, I'll go order mine before my money runs out hehehe, God is so providing Nessa, so providing!

Kay Aker said...

Sounds fabulous! Is there no end to your multifacetedness?

Kelly B. said...

What a delicious image! wow, this screams NYC to me. I love love love it. Yummy!!!!

justdoodleit said...

Congratulations! The illustration looks awesome!

nina seven said...

i really love what you did for the cover of the cd, vanessa. i love all your work, but this is just fantastic!

MONICA said...

Ohhh! :) Your creative style on this illo certainly win the hearts of all parents and their kids. Congratulattions and good week

Francisco Martins said...

Hey Vanessa!
Oh my God!! Congratulations girl!! The CD art looks amazing! I'll visit the website and hear how you sound like!! he he he!

Good luck with it!!

the enigma said...

i really really like this piece: so much is going on, all the lovely colors, wonderful! and thanks for the explanation abt father's day on WW, hehe!

Eric Barclay said...

Oh, holy cow you girls are amazing! Oh my gosh you have talent. Wow.