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New Book
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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Natalie's Monster Tails

When Natalie returned from her long summer vacation she'd
brought home more than Grandpa had bargained for.
Natalie explained that she had purchased the poor creatures
from a strange bubble gum machine in Lake Wood, NJ.
She told Grandpa that he needed to add on 3 more
rooms for the little darlings. hee he hee hee!
I'm going back to South Carolina to visit my peeps.
Just wanted to make you smile before I head on out!
Have a wonderful week everyone.
Fish and grits Yaw!!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009


Keshia, was funny, sweet and very beautiful. She and Tim enjoyed their
Saturday afternoons in the East Village visiting their favorite stores and cafes .
Tim would not be,"Idle"about his feeling for her any longer.
He liked it so much that he thought he'd better put a ring on it!!!! hee he hee hee!
For my niece Neille bug and her new Husband
Steve. I love you both so much!
Yaw have a wonderful weekend K!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Family Reunion

Ray knew that his very americanized children would again try
to stir up trouble at the annual Hung family reunion. Even though
they said nothing, he could see and hear them plotting devilment
in their little heads. This time Aunt May and cousin Charlie
would truly get it in the end. hee hee hee!
Happy Wednesday everyone.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What's On My Desk or What are you Drumming Up???

Hello Everyone,
I just wanted to give you all a peek of what's on my desk right now.
I've been working on a second book that I've had the pleasure of
illustrating called "Drum City". I wasn't able to show, just yet, the
finish pieces. This was the first cover that I worked up. It has been
redone a few times now. He he he hee hee! I don't always get it
dead on. Sometimes it take 50/and 11 tries to get it right!
I will keep you all posted and show what I can when I can.
All in all, I'm enjoying the whole process. Even when I get
a little frustrated and stressed I get the joy of doing what I love.
Have a great week my friends.
Oh and please, please, please don't get offended if I don't
response to your comments right away. I'm going back under
my rock to finish up some more wonderful stuff. Mama says,
I can't come out to play till my desk is clean, but every once
in a while I'll come to the window and you throw your pebbles
it's our little secret yall! hee he hee hee

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bonjour Monsieur Kiwi

My wonderful friend Yoon See sent me a cute little challenge about
a week or two ago and I just got a chance to do it. She sent me a picture of a kiwi that she was having
for breakfast and wanted to see what I might do with it. She sent a Kiwi to a couple of us
and this is what I did with mine. Meet Monsieur Kiwi! hee hee hee! It's funny because
I don't eat Kiwi, but I would take this one home hee he hee! thanks so much Yoon
for challenging me to stretch my imagination. It was fun! Have a good week

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Wofie always had that "Hollow" feeling deep inside. That was until Red came over
with a treat just for him and him alone! Red felt that even Wofie boy deserved
to be celebrated. Maybe this would even put him on a new road to doing
good! hee hee hee!
Just stuck my head in to say hello and to thank YOU BEAUTIFUL SOULS
for all your encouraging words. I'm still working and will be back soon
with more wonderful stuff to show and share. YOU FOLKS ROCK!!!
Have a wonderful weekend.
Grits and shrimp Yall!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Bella Sinclair Award from Ces

Hello Family,
I've been meaning to post the wonderful awards that some of my Sister friends have given me. It's been so very
busy around here for me and I really haven't had the chance to post them like I wanted to, but I got this
message from Ces and honestly it stopped me in my tracks.
You ladies are to kind, so to my Sister friends, Tessa
and Art Fan Ako and Sabbio Thank you beautiful ladies for your kindness shown towards me. I send you each much happiness, hugs and kisses from the bottom of my heart thanks again and again.
I got the most wonderful and moving comment from my Sister Friend Ces
asking me to accept this very special and wonderful award. I am always, always honored when anyone of you
give me an award. I am grateful to have such wonderful and beautiful souls in the blog world who care so much
to even pick me. I don't always get to post them right away because of work, but please, please, know that
each one touches my heart and I appreciate each one and hold them all in the highest esteem. Many of you
know about the tragic and untimely death of one of our dearest blogger friend's husband,"Bella Sinclair Bella and her family were in the process
of moving back to the states from Japan when her husband suddenly passed away. This came as such a shock
to all of us! If any of you know Bella Sinclair
she is one of the nicest, hilariously funny and super talented woman out here today. She is amazing!
I miss her deeply and I know that many of you miss her as well. Life is so fragile. One moment we are laughing
and creating and in the next we are dealing with the most painful situations that cause us to scream out
in deep sadness and heavy sobbing. We know that Bella will be back and we will be here to receive her with
open and loving arms. Not to preach at you or anything of the sort, but I would encourage us all to hold the ones
we love so dearly closer today. To turn around and get the last bump of the fist or that hug or kiss and say, " I love you."
Thank you Ces for this beautiful award.
Have a wonderful 4th of July Everyone!