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New Book
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Birthday Super Suit

Hey Blogger Family!
My Birthday is coming up Sunday Oct 3.
I will have on my trusty poplin floral sheet cape
and hand cut super eye mask just like Batman's.
Of course you know I will also have my undies over
my tee shirt and jeans while I eat birthday with my
trusty country spoon. he he he he!!!
God has been so gracious to me that He has
granted me one more year to terrorize all you
good people!!! he he he he! I've been reeking havoc and
chaos on this world for 47 years! My daily prayer
is," May you not take me from This World before
my time, before the completion of my years
so that I my rectify anything that I have ruined."
Looks like it's gone be a while y'all!!!!
Up, Up, and Awayyyyyyyyy! Aw shoot I dropped my spoon.
Have a great week everyone.

Friday, September 24, 2010

A day with Tori Spelling and Tallulah Pt.3

Hey It's Heather one of our blogger buddies. Heather YOU ROCK GIRLY he he he he he!!!
Vanessa and Rosena
Tori having a long day. She's already signed at least 500 books by then!! Go Tori!
My Fabulous Agent Lori Nowicki and Editor Emily Lawrence from Simon and Schuster

A Day with Tori Spelling and Tallulah Pt.2

Tori and my cousin Shirley who came all the way from Boston to be with me. Thanks Shirley!
Me actually signing some books.
My husbands Sisters come to support. Sonia and Vanessa!
Two Vanessa Newtons Oh Lord!
The Twins, Ray and Allen Newton. My husband and his handsome brother.

A Day with Tori Spelling and Tallulah Pt.1

Hello Blogger Family,
So glad that I could get myself together and share the photos from the
fabulous book signing in NYC with Tori Spelling! It was wonderful
and very busy. It was a great day had by all and I even got to meet one
of our blogger buddies as you will see. Tori's fans turned out to support
her and my wonderful family and blogger family I just want to say,
"Thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart." Those that couldn't
be there with us, but who sent prayers and much love and support I want
you to know, It made all the difference in the world for me.
To Bella and Shirley who hopped into my purse and where carted
around all day long cheering me on. Thanks I love you guys.
Thanks Eric, for making me laugh and taking the edge off. To Coy,
my sister and very best friend I love you more than you. To all my
blogger buddies who emailed and commented and said such
encouraging words and cheered me on, I so appreciate you guys!
You people are the BESTEST from the Eastest to the Westest!
Tori Spelling and I meet for the first time at a Barnes and Noble's in house reception. She is so sweet and kind and very gracious. Thanks Barnes and Nobles for hosting Tori and I!
Tori and her best friend Mehran Farhat.
Tori Spelling and me!!! he he he he!!
Tori with more family!
Tori and my sister Coy talk and hug.
Tori takes a photoshot with my whole family! I love you guys.

Hint of a gift prepared for Tori.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tori Spelling At Borders Books NYC

Hello Friends,
I got some wonderful news today. I was told that Tori Spelling will
be appearing at the Park Ave Borders Book Store
for a book signing on Sept 22,2010 at 6 pm.
She will be greeting and signing her first children's
book, "Presenting Talluah" and I had the pleasure of illustrating
"Talluah" so I will also be there to sign books too.
I would be so honored if some of you wonderful illustrators
and artist who live in and around the city would come out
so that I could meet you. I would love too meet my very
talented friends he he he he!! That would make my day!!!
If you can't make it just send your love and well wishes that's
just as good!!!!! I will take lots of pictures and post them
to share. Hopefully I will get to meet some of you!
Wish me lots of blessing and luck please.
Hugs to Everyone.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Collage My First Love

Of all the media that I work with collage, I have to say,
is the one the challenges me and stretches me as an
artist and illustrator. I am constantly blown away
with unlimited materials that can be found and
reused to create wonderful and whimsical art.
I am always on the hunt and prowl spying
for special papers and library book sales and such to
find things to work on and with. This piece was done
on heavy watercolor paper and then collaged with dictionary
and old ledger papers as well as novel pages. I then
painted with gouache, watercolor and crayons and
let the back ground come through. It was fun and next time
I would like to try something bigger. Hope that this
will inspire you try it for yourself. Let me know how it turns
Have a great week!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Welcome Back Zoe

Well today is my daughter's first day back at school and she has
mixed feelings about the whole thing. "Will I see my old friends?
Will I like my new teacher? Will she or he like me? And by the way,
WHATS UP THESE UNIFORMS AGAIN?" The girl has been wearing
a school uniform for over 3 years now and we are still stuck
here! Her dad and I thinks she looks pretty COOL in her
burgundy and plaid. She would prefer wearing her regular
clothing. I have to say though, it's something so wonderful
about seeing a playground full of girls and boys in fabulous
uniforms. Just makes me want to stop and draw.
Zoe, Have a wonderful first day!!
Love you!