New Book

New Book
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Old Toys

I love old dolls and toys. Just a little illustration
I worked on for a sample.
NJ is about to be hit again with yet
another snow storm. Stick a fork in me
cause I am done. This will be my last post
for a little bit. Need to take care of myself
and some other things too. I won't be able to
response to comments so please don't be
offended. You know I'm good for them he he he.
I'll be back in a little bit.
Shalom my friends.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Toy Love

Cowboy Buck always picked fights just so he could
get all patched up by Miss Betty the windup doll.
Ain't toy love grand?
he he he he!
Have a fun weekend.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


What do you do to cultivate creativity and imagination?
I would really like to know.
Have a creative week everyone!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Magic Trash

Hello Blogger friends,
I just wanted to show you what I've been up too.
Have you ever heard of the Heidleberg Project??
It is the out of the box and off the wall art of artist Tryee Guyton
of Detroit, Michigan. Tyree takes trash and makes art i.e.
"Magic Trash". The book is written by J.H. Shapiro
a talented writer of children's books.
The book is published by Charlesbridge Publishing and
due out in Sept of 2011. I had the joy and pleasure of doing the illustrations for
the book. It was the hardest work I ever loved. I usually work digitally.
I had been wanting to do a more traditional style children's book.
This book is done in my collage and mixed media style and
I can't wait to do more like this one.
There is nothing like playing with found objects and paint and glue.
I felt like a mad scientist and I loved it. It took me a while to get started.
Someone told me that, "You have to love it V!" and he was right. Once I stopped
worrying about the process and got into it, it all just came together.
Live art. Touching the media and and mixing the colors was so wonderful.
I am so excited and happy about this project and I hope that you get to
see it soon. Okay, back to packing.
Have a great week Y'all

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fatherhood Involvement PSA

Daddy's Love

A Daddy's love will make him shake his money maker for his child!
I love this PSA! It's the bestest one ever. To my husband and
and baby Daddy thanks so much for being a great dad!
Dads ROCK!
Have a great week.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

No! YOU Can't Sit in My Pew

I come from a very churchy background. And yes, I was a
tambourine player....but that itchy yellow dress with the
noisy crinoline and that funny little hat that had the rubber
string in it that went under my chin that cut off my circulation
was cute, but crazy!! What was my Mama thinking? I needed
something to take my mind off the burn, pain and the itch. Sounds
like hemorrhoids don't it??? Laughter. Yeah that's the ticket!
But you couldn't laugh in church. My parents would have a
fit if we even made a peep during service let alone a case of
the uncontrollable giggles. So these are the people who can't
sit in the pew with me because you make me laugh.
My little sister Coy and you know why.
my brother Eric, because it would be none stop with pointing and lots of crying!!
Bella, because there would be gum under the pews and monster laughing
like can't catch my breathe I think I'm going to die laughing.
Tomas It would be in spanish with pictures
and funny as heck!
Anne... Anne... Anne....They would just ask
us to leave altogether.
Jack OOh you're the Sunday School teacher he he he he!!!
Oh there are a whole lot more like
Robin Williams, Rich Pryor, Robert Klein, Bill Cosby, the whole cast from the first season of
"In Living Color", Arenz, and my whole family.
Can't none of Y'ALL sit in my pew.
More craziness to come and you could be next!
Have a great week.