New Book

New Book
Grandma's Purse

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Let them know what treasures they are, but first you have to know that you are a treasure. YOU are VALUABLE and PRECIOUS. You are not all the rejection that you have faced. Rejection is often indication that we have out grown a people, relationship, job, or career or mindset. So let it serve you. Reach as high and as far as you need to get your crown and then when gotten, cock that bad boy to the side with a regal smile for you are a treasure for some are silver, but perhaps you..... are.... GOLD.

Monday, August 3, 2020

Hey Everyone! Hope that you had an awesome weekend! There is so much going on in my studio here in Charlotte, NC! I am working on new books and characters for even more books and teaching online at Storytelleracademy as well as Creative Camp online! Not to even talk about the beautiful Gullah Geechee Nesting Doll! It's a lot, but I wanted to do a post just to let you see what is going on inside my sketchbook. I keep loads of them now. Didn't like to sketch in my sketch book, but I am even learning how important it is to keep them. I need a place that I can just act out and I do that in and through my sketchbooks! Just putting down ideas and thoughts somewhere where I can go back and collect them and work them out even farther is so fabulous!! 

So I want to encourage you as illustrators, or artist, crafters, kids and parents to try to keep a regular sketchbook handy to write down your amazing thoughts, idea's characters and stories! You'll be so happy that you did!