New Book

New Book
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Images From Black History

This was a trial piece I did for "Let Freedom Sing"
Blue Apples Book for Chronicle.
I did the book digitally, but I kept all the collage pieces
that didn't make the cut. This was the bus scene. They
thought the piece was just a little heavy and wanted
something just a bit lighter. I am looking forward to
doing more traditional projects like this in the near
future. There is nothing like collecting vintage papers
and getting my hands all covered in glue. The best
part is peeling the glue off my fingers he he he he!
Have a sticky day y'all!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pinky Sweetness

I love the old greeting cards designs of the 50's and 60's.
Here's one that I did for a greeting card company.
Have a great day.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My World

Once I was asked," Do you ever create any dark illustrations and artwork?"
It's so funny because I have really had a somewhat of a rough childhood.
When I was born the doctors told my parents that if I lived more than
2 days I would be mentally retard. Okay, so I am a little retarded he he he!
It was a difficult pregnancy for my parents. Being a child of the 60's racism
was a part of everyday life for us. I remember when my parent purchase
our very first home in Irvington, New Jersey. We were one of the first black
families to move into the neighborhood and our neighbors weren't happy
about it! The police would constantly stop my dad who drove a shiny black
Caddy. They would stop us and ask my dad," Is this your car boy? Are these
your children boy? And why are you in this section of town?" It scared my
sister Coy and I. I could see the humiliation and the frustration that our
Dad was feeling. Sometimes when I think about it, it still saddens me.
We were not raised like other children. My parents taught us to embrace all
people. That's why you see it in my illustrations. I love people!!
Pure and simple.
Even though the world we lived in at the time didn't reflect that.
The best times where in front of our T.V. with Rocky and Bullwinkle,
Penelope Pitstop, Captain Kangaroo, Mr. Magoo, and Bugs Bunny. These
shows brought me so much joy and inspiration and became a
magical vehicle to transport me to a joyful place. Oh trust me, I could go
to a dark place and bring up some stuff that could really blow your mind.
I suffered with chronic depression for a large portion of my life.
A dark place that I remember, but never want to go back too.
I choose to be HAPPY! In a world where so many people deal with
low self worth, and bad feeling toward themselves and other,
and overwhelming depression. I choose to create illustrations that
make you laugh when all you want to do is cry.
Art that is inspirational without being preachy. Word pictures
that will give something back when the world takes everything from you.
Maybe I create children art and illustrations to restore and heal the child
in each one of us.
If my illustrations are the magic pill that makes you smile and laugh out loud
then maybe we won't need as much medication with all the dang side effects.
I'm just saying'...
Have a great one.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fresh and New for 2011

Hello Everyone,
Just wanted to post some fresh stuff for the New Year.
One is a cookbook cover for a children's cook book.
The other is for a new book. Hope you all are off to
a great start for the New Year!
Have a great week.