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Monday, August 16, 2010

Drum City at Books of Wonder

Howdy Folks,
It's been so busy around here and I have missed blogging, but we have been having
such fun with some new books that are out and about."Drum City", by my friend, the beautiful
and talented Thea Guidone was released in June 2010.
We finally had the chance to meet at a book signing we did together this past weekend
at NYC's famous, Books of Wonder on 18th Street
between 5 and 6th Ave. It was a very touching moment for Thea and I. It is often said that
some publisher don't want authors and illustrators to talk while doing a book. I was
all to happy and thrilled to meet Thea finally. She is wonderful! The book signing was great!
A good time was had by all. I got to meet some famous
people and I want to share it all with you.
Here is Thea the author of "Drum City"

Ms Rhode Levine the fabulous author of" Three Ladies Beside the Sea"

Mr. Bob Shea author/illustrator of "Race up to Bed and Oh Daddy"
Last but certainly not least and a very cool Dude,
the talented, funny, and musical Mr. Jef Czekaj
author/illustrator of "Hip and Hop Don't Stop"
This is Thea and Jef together.
It was my great honor to sit with all these talented people who are gifted yet very humble.
Books of Wonder has a fabulous staff. Meet Allan one of the wonderful sales people at
the store. He is so knowledgeable and hilarious! Thank Allan for all your help!

They are all ready to help you find the books of
your dreams and I do mean dreams!! There is nothing like it. Every kind of book you can
imagine will found in this very magical place. If you are a budding illustrator or writer or
perhaps you are a seasoned professional, if you can, take a magical trip to
Books of Wonder and sit a while. You are in for a great adventure!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

The People In My Head

Character development is something that I really enjoy. Illustrating the
wonderful whimsical people that live inside my head. I am a people
watcher and living around the metro area of New Jersey and New York
I get to see a whole lot of fun and exciting characters. I also get the joy
of putting some of my family and friends into the my mix as
well. Now there is a bunch of hilarious characters. Here are just
a few. Meet Betty Needlemayer, The Magical Chauffer, and the
Family and friends of Auntie Mabel. The last illustration was used in
my latest book," Don't Let Aunt Mabel Bless the Table" we used it
as the end papers for the book. As you can I have been busy, but
not to busy to say thanks to everyone who comes to visit and leaves
a message. I appreciate you all taking time out of your busy day and
schedules to do so. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Have a great week everyone.