New Book

New Book
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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wishing Everyone one a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving. Thankful for you friendship and your comments. Don't eat to much people! Hugs V

Monday, November 18, 2013

Hello Blogger Friends and Family, Soooooo sorry that I have been away so very long. I do apologize for that. Work calleth and I had to answer so I can keep food, roof and lights and computer on. Know what I mean??? I knew you would. It's been a long while. Gosh I miss you all so much! I really do. Life has been going on from deaths to births and jobs and no jobs and all kinds of good stuff. I say good because if we stay on the negative to long it will bring one down and as you know, and if you know Vanessa, that ain't me. Anywhooo, I am working on books and doing things that I hope share soon. Looking to do some videos on collage and showing you the day in the life of Vanessa Brantley-Newton. It's so not what you think LOL! Okay, so here are a few pieces that I have been working on. Still doing character studies and then there is a piece from a up coming book by Disney -Hyperion which is called "We Shall Over Come". And the very last is a personal piece. I think people are beautiful and that I get to capture them beautiful, flawed, happy or sad, is a blessing and it is my joy to share it all with you. Hope that you all are doing well and will be with the ones you love for the holiday. I will be back before then to share more with you all. Shalom and blessing!!