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Thursday, September 18, 2008

His World

There is something so wonderful about living in the city. I'm talking about NEW YORK! I go often to get
inspired. There is something about the neighborhoods that I see and the people that live and work there.
It's a feeling that I really can't explain in word so I made a word picture. I love to people watch and children
are the ice cream and cake for me! I love to see them in their world enjoying every single moment! Blissful unaware that they are being watched and then illustrated. I hope that this little guy make you smile. Have a wonderful day!


Dintoons said...

haha what a dazzling smile!! he sure made ME smile :)) such a fun and energetic illo, love it!
and love the lovely eyecandy on sweet island! must be a great place to get banished to, YUM!!

Kittie said...

I had the best time this morning drinking my coffee and surfing down through your fantastic blog. I love your illustrations with children and the wonderful expressions you capture. My favorites is the little boy sitting on the floor with the mixing bowl. Thanks for sharing your fantastic work.

Kelly said...

I love this!!!! This is so alive and really captures NYC. I too am a fan of THE CITY. You are sooo fortunate to be able to go often. Since I love in Seattle, I go maybe once a year if I am lucky. But I do love it so! Fantastic work!

life without novacaine said...

Love this piece! Your illustrations are so lively and fun!
I will be in NYC in one week and a half and will look for smiling faces! You are so lucky to live there!

nadine said...

it's very nice, and very coloful , i love it!

Kimmi said...

You are so gifted!


Jannie aka Chickengirl said...

ooooh! Yes! A great piece!

Please share some parts of nyc city that you like! I'm always curious as to where people like to go :-)

Sónia Cântara said...

Hello! I took a look on your blog and love it! Great illustrations you have here! Congratullations!

Tomás Serrano said...

I saw something about Mary Blair a few days ago, but I cóuldn´t remember where... until I enter again in your blog and watched this beautiful drawing, with these houses. I like it. And the car. Fantastic.
I love Mary Blair, the little house, and her drawings for Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan.