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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"Hey Mom, I want to be a Show Girl!"

Oh Yeah, I know it's a bit shameful, but yes, yours truly has always, always had a thing for
the cute little blinged out costumes, feathers, and makeup. I wanted to be a Show Girl!!!
I can only imagine what I put my poor parents through using their good sheets and
wax flowers trying to pull it off he he he! Here's wishing you a very happy and safe Halloweeny!


Mónica said...

Wooo, fantastic, i like very much costumes of her. Brillant star :)
Kind regards and hugs

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

And she is *Dahling*!!!
I still want to be a showgirl, except I can't dance, have enough body for TWO showgirls and all the curves are in the wrong places....
Maybe when the new hip is in I can at least Can-Can again.....or manage the basic ballet positions...
You ARE a showgirl!!! :)


Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Monica thanks so much! I'm sending you my costume.
Anne, he he he he!!! The two of us and make a whole chorus line if we want! We'll make it look so darn easy he he he! Yes we can can!

linda said...

Everyone wants to show off a bit at times! It's fun! Great illustration :P

Desiree said...

Who didn't want to be a show girl!!? Those elaborate costumes and big feathers, woo wee! :)
Wonderful post V :)

Tara Borger said...

Adorable! What girl doesn't love the the big floaty feathers and dazzling, sparkling costumes of showgirls?! I don't blame you!

Safe Halloween to you and yours!

Lins Artyblobs said...

Soo cute

Gwendoulash said...

very nice !

Cheryl Lynn said...

Your show girl is absolutely stunning! Funny, when I was much younger, I always wanted to be a ballerina, but that changed once I got older. Now I'm a frustrated rocker chic. Heehee!

Beautiful illustration, Momma. As per usual, YOU ROCK!

Madonna Davidoff said...

This is so charming!What lovely deatils on the costume.

Owl Eng said...

Delightful and fabulous! love the vanity portrayed by her pose and costume... so glamorous and beautiful!

Lynn Alpert said...

I love her and her sparkles. Thanks for making me smile today!

Nina Seven N7 said...

hey v - i had to make my daughter a Queen Frostine costume one year! you know, from Candyland! lots of netting and glittery snowflakes!love your illo, you're a show girl still, just in a different way.

yoon see said...

Hello Vanessa,
Lovely illustration as always.

You are invited to come to my blog for a surprise and I hope you understand why the post is for you.
Happy Day and make a wish!
Happy Birthday and make a wish!

Bye, take care for fall session.
Have you bought some brand new good winter cloth or you also want to be a show girl.^ ^

yoon see said...

Your girl is cute and ambitious.
Pls. ask her to make a wish and I am sure God will makes her wishes caome true at the right timing.
Reason to be happy and eagerly looking forward for that day!

yoon see said...

Happy Happy Happy Happy
Happy Happy Happy Happy

illustration poetry said...

seriously, Vanessa, this is COOL!

Shell said...

I love this picture. This is so me or I should say us. I guess every woman has a show girl deep in us.

Kay Aker said...

Oh my, utterly scintillating!

Tomás Serrano said...

What a wonderful disguise! Brilliant, brilliant...

Asja said...

what a brilliant costume, i love all the sparkles and she looks so happy and proud of herself (and she should be )

Shirley said...

I'm sure your mom proudly let you do all that you did when you were little..I'm sure she loved that you strutted your stuff. : ) I wish you and Zoe and hubby a wonderfully fun Halloween! Love the sparkly confidence that exudes from your characters...awesome. Hugs to you!

Shirley said...

Very cool, Vanessa! Glad to hear about your twin brother meeting Peter! I wish I could do that too..I think it's awesome that there's such a great group of people out there who care about art, like yourself, girl. I will be looking around for my showgirl outfit here too - though right now, it's just vampire and pirate gear for my girls for Saturday. Hope you're doing well!! I'll keep you posted! : )

Valerie Lorimer said...

This is totally charming Vanessa! Simply love the outfit and the delight on her face.

Ann Marie DiVecchia said...

This is awesome! I love the bling! Your work is so much fun!!!!

Loni Edwards said...

Oh aren't her sparkles awesome? She's a diva in the making for sure! Love it!

Marcus Mientus said...

sooo cute! reminds me of my little niece (she prefers similar clothes).
happy helloween!

Janine said...

how very very lovely.
She is soo pretty, with her feathers and all that bling- bling and she can be everything she wants to be.
Aww, beautiful youth.
Have a great week and

Bella Sinclair said...

Her name was Nessa,
She was a showgirl
With yellow feathers in her hair
And a dress cut down to there
She would merengue
And do the cha-cha
And while she tried to be a star, Tony always tended bar
Across a crowded floor,
They worked from 8 till 4
They were young and they had each other
Who could

OOOooooh, girl, you have it going ON! Only you could wear bedsheets and wax flowers and make it look so glamorous! Kick it!

caren said...

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!!!!! Oh my's terrific!!!!!!!!

roberta baird said...

What ..... you mean you don't have a secret life as a showgirl?

I love sparklies too!!!

My Girl said...

I so Love yor work it just inspires me to be better.

justdoodleit said...

What colorful and glittery costumes! Really awesome :)

D Hawk said...

I think this is a very cute picture! She is adorable! take a look at my blog!

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