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Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Christmas Wish ( Hatch)

Wishing with all my heart, might and soul that you and yours will have the most blessed and happiest Holiday. And may good things be hatched in the New Year!!!
Here are some of my Holiday wishes for you.
1. That you will grow where you are planted. ( If you don't like where you are stop complaining about it and do something about it!) Stop giving all your power and authority to people who don't care about you. You care about you!!! You are valuable and precious. A promise!!!
2. That you will dream bigger than yourself! ( You can't share your dreams with everybody.
Sometimes you are already battling your own self doubt why bring someone else's negativity into the mix. Remember, you can't put a 18x24 vision in a 3x5 card mind! Get somewhere quite and dream as big as you want. Write it down or draw it out. If you don't have a vision for it you won't know how to handle it when it comes. Feel the joy of it. Feel the
moment and watch what happens! Dreams really do come true he he he!!
3. That you will have all the encouragement and support you need when you need it most. ( Who have you encouraged in the last 30 days? Heck, when was the last time you encouraged You he he he??? When we give even the smallest bit of encouragement to someone we get a bigger return. You get to make someone feel so special and this creates more good energy! Some of you will never ever know how much you have encouraged and supported me. I could just cry thinking about it. Your words have been like medicine to me. Giving me much laughter, healing and comfort. I wish you all the same. Hugs a plenty!
Happy Holidays


krisztina maros said...

oh Vanessa such amazing words!! I wish you too all the best for the next year and a really quiet, relaxing holiday with BIG dreams :)

Melinda Stanley said...

Such an inspiration, you are! :) Very uplifting words, indeed!

Have a great holiday season, Vanessa! I hope for 2010 to be full of wonderful things for you and your family!


Vicki Smith said...

What an ingenuous use of the prompt!! Thanks for the inspirational words and adorable little drawing. Wishing you a very wonderful holiday season, Vanessa.

Krista said...

She is wishing so hard it just has to come true! Sweet art and such lovely words! Cheers to you!

Janine said...

You are wonderful Vanessa, thank you for your wonderful christmas wishes.
May the all come true to all of us.
God bless you.


happy holidays, vanessa! and thanks for the great words, yes, you should always keep your dreams alive!!! i'm on my way to have mine...cross my fingers!

Karin said...

Vanessa, thank you for your kind comments on my blog and the very encouraging words here--words that I need during a particularly difficult period of my life! Both your work and your writing is incredibly thoughtful. Many blessings to you and your family this holiday season!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Your words are absolutely perfect, and do deal specifically with some things I have been mulling in the *Giant Brain* (think Mojo Jojo on the PowerPuff Girls....HA!)
After I am back on my feet, there are some things I'm doing differently, and it ain't the walking-with-the-chrome-red-walker part!
I need to copy the post, print it and read it daily....
Thank you my dear---may you have lots of good Southern Eats and not have to cook them yourself!! ;)


Ginger*:) said...

A wonderful image of determination. Thank you for the wise words, and may you have all the inspiration and determination you desire. Have a lovely Holiday Season!

Asja said...

beautiful and fun illustration!
i always LOVE reading your words, there is always so much insight and positivity in what you write!
thank you so much for your wonderful wishes, for being an inspiration and i wish you great Holidays!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Very cute illos and wonderful encouraging words! :-D I wish the same and more to you! :-D

Lins Artyblobs said...


Roberta Baird said...

Happy Holidays Vanessa! If I know you ...your holiday will be filled with family, friends, music and much love!!!

Amy Farrier said...

Vanessa, hope you have a wonderful holiday, too. And here's to lots of big dreams in the new year!

k.h.whitaker said...

So sweet, the picture and the sentiment, hope you and yours have a great holiday season, and a fabulously successful new year!

Anonymous said...

Have a happy wonderful holiday and hope all your wishes will be HATCHED :D (not to forget the lil girl wishes too, she is simply super cute)

Cheryl Lynn said...

You have no idea how much of an inspiration you have been to me. This post is just one more example of how your God-given wisdom makes you a great role model.

I hope all of your dreams for the next year come true in a big way.

Have a great rest of the weekend, Momma!

Cheryl Lynn said...

Oh, and BTW... I LOVE the illo!

Shell said...

Loving that picture.
Your words just made my heart soar.
This is especially priceless:
Remember, you can't put a 18x24 vision in a 3x5 card mind!

Tara Sullivan said...

You are a gift to all of us!!! Honestly, if everyone were to have a dose of "Divine Miss V" the world would be an infinitely better place!!! Happy, Happy Holidays to you and yours...and keep sharing your light. We need it!!! xo

yoon see said...

Thanks for your kind concern Vanessa.
I am super busy this month. I have so many illustrations and photos but no time to post on the blogspot.
I am still sourcing the google eyes to finish the pom-pom craft toy for you all.
My former lecturer finally met up with me and finalize the illustrations. Sorry, I am busy, no time cactus Monday and Illustration Friday at moment. I am doing illustrations for Christian book. I am so happy I can honour God through this special way.
Thanks and your hatch piece is so inspiring Vanessa. Like your Happy Monday, Tuesday illustrations. I am sure more will come.
Take care and I never forget about you.
I hope you have a great time doing Christmas shopping!
Till then bye!

Anonymous said...

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illustration poetry said...

Happy holidays Vanessa, you are such an inspiration :) because both your work and your writing are wonderful...


Abz said...

Hehe... what a fun and crazy blog! :) Happy Holidays!

Bella Sinclair said...

My darling, you have never, ever, EVER laid an egg. (C'mon. SOMEone had to say it.) This gave me the serious case of the chuckles. Good grief, there'd better be a buttload of candy in that thing!

You know what, Miss V? You are one heck of a motivational speaker. You have a backup career in your back pocket, my dear. All the things you wish for us, I wish for you a hundredfold. My face is all scrunched up, wishing REAL hard that all your Christmas wishes come true. Thank you for being one of the biggest cheerleaders and inspirations in my life. I love you, honey!

Peter Breese said...

Great face! Hilarious.

Jmontiel said...

Happy Holidays!

linda said...

Beautiful words of wisdom...hehe! Thanks for sharing and great illo as well. Happy Holidays!

Angela Meijer said...

It's been too long since I've been by to visit. Your words are like medicine. You are truly and amazing encourager! I love how this illustration captures it too!

valerie walsh said...

very charming image and the perfect words to live by now and in 2010 :)

sandygrafik said...

Really cute!! Vanessa, thanks for such nice words... Have a great holiday season full of love, hugs and inspiration!! Best wishes to you and your family,

serline said...

That's a great facial expression for releasing stress. Happy Holidays!

Art Fan Ako said...

Love the expression on this! You're always amazing! May your Christmas wish come true!

Amy C said...

Vanessa, you are so unbelievably awesome.
I love your super inspiring list.
And I love your illustrations you are one talented rockin illustrator, your work never fails to delight and inspire me and I LOVE visiting your blog.
Wishing you a VeRy HaPpY HoLidAy
Your Pal
A x

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...


Come check the three angels and their story when you get a moment, on the blog.
Dec 14 post.
Will have comments disabled from tomorrow a.m. on till I return from my *great adventure*....Pfffft!
I did dig ut some red lace underpants to scare the you-know-what out of the Drs/Rns.....I ought to sew some jingle bells on really quick! SNARF!!!


Loni Edwards said...

Vanessa, you are a gem! I was having a tremendously awful day when I came to your post. Your words of wisdom helped get me out of my funk. Thank you! I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday!

Peace! Loni

Indigene said...

Lol! You have to love her facial expression! Hmmm...I make that expression, too! But, it's not because I'm laying an egg! Well...maybe! lol! You are such a darling and inspiration! Have a wonderful, warm and peaceful holiday! I'm doing the happy dance, luv! Thank you!

Unknown said...

Thank you. Happy Christmas

Francisco Martins said...

Oh V, you are such a beautiful person! :)
Your words made me smile in a not so happy day. Thank you for that!!

You can't put a 18x24 vision in a 3x5 card mind??? You're a Genius!!! ha ha ha!!

Happy Holidays girl!


Francisco Martins said...

Oh V, you are such a beautiful person! :)
Your words made me smile in a not so happy day. Thank you for that!!

You can't put a 18x24 vision in a 3x5 card mind??? You're a Genius!!! ha ha ha!!

Happy Holidays girl!


donny* said...

what a wonderful post, vanessa! and the illustration, oh the illustration! brilllllllliant. have a great, great holiday!

get zapped said...

thank you - this is so uplifting. my gratitude goes out to you. Peaceful holidays!

Anonymous said...

Man, thats a great one!

Ces Adorio said...

I want to hear you say this in a seminar and I hate seminars but I will be sitting in the front row to listen to you!

Anonymous said...

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