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New Book
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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Okay, I got the chance to sneak out and quietly say, THANKS YOU GUYYYYYYYYYYYSSSSSS!!!!
Shoot.... I mean (Thanks everyone for you wonderful comments.)
They really keep me encouraged in so many ways. I so appreciate Y'all taking time to say something!
So today I want to thank Amalia x3, Anne, Eve, Krista, Ces,
Rachel, My twin brother Eric, Sontaswelt, Dot, Jane Wilson, Andrew Finnie, Bella, (if my butt
is missing please find it and sew it back on for me please?), Tamara H, Meagan C, Monica1,
Charmaine,(I'm so proud of you girly!), Atelier B., Amba, Lisa, Vanessa, Rmsmi, Shirley ( are your
fingers falling off yet??), K.H. Whitaker, Diva Diana, Tomas, Tl Holmes, Mechelle, Monica2, Cynthia,
Francisco the great!, Jack, DSM, Michael the talented, Justdoodleit, The Mighty Kwan Holler!, Skizo,
Donny baby, Kelly, Amba (thanks for following), Greg H. Artman, Peter b,( I found your
butt in my yard! I'll help you sew yours back on as soon as Bella fixes my butt!)
Okay I have to go back in, but I just had to come and say,"Hello to all you beautiful souls!"
I leave you with those devilish two, " Nanette and Mr. Wabbit." They are up to no good
again of course!


Lins Artyblobs said...

This is so ooh la la, fab!

Eve said...

Ahh, thank you Vanessa! You are just the sweetest sweet pea. Hope all is going good over there, now get back to work, then break for ice cream. :D :D

rachel awes said...

your illustrations
fly high
in my heart!

Li Ferreira Nhan said...

Hi Vanessa!
Amazing illustration! I like!
Really do not believe that Nanette and Mr WAbbit are devilish...

Dear Fireflies said...

Now, why is it that pink and black always look so delicious??? Gorgeous illo, my darling!

You're so lovely to post this from under those piles of work... Let me know if you're need of some cheering, I'll get my pompoms right away!! (^O^)

Jane Wilson said...


Madonna Davidoff said...

THis is fantastic--I love the way you did the puppets, Vanessa!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey there!!! Glad you were a bad girl and slipped out a minute! :D
(although, you need to slip by my blog tomorrow and see me in, well, you just have to SEE it...LOL!!!)
Hope you're doing well and not getting too tired!
YOU GO GIRL!!!♥♥♥♥♥


Ces Adorio said...

What did I win? What did I win? Did I win? Did I win? Did I win? What did I win? What did I win? Did I win? Did I win? Did I win? What did I win? What did I win? Did I win? Did I win? Did I win? What did I win? What did I win? Did I win? Did I win? Did I win? What did I win? What did I win? Did I win? Did I win? Did I win? What did I win? What did I win? Did I win? Did I win? Did I win? What did I win? What did I win? Did I win? Did I win? Did I win?

What do you mean "No"????????

k.h.whitaker said...

You are soooooooo funny Vanessa, you crack me up, love this illustration, I'm glad you are sneaking out for a little visit... I will pick up pompoms and cheer with Amalia if you need a cheer squad. My pom poms are at the ready position.

Tamara Henderson said...

Hi Vanessa! Thank you for the shout out lol!!! I'm happy your doing good and I know your probably really busy creating a lot of new, wonderful art...can't wait to see! Have fun!


Bella Sinclair said...

Oh dear. I see Ces is off her meds again.

Most EXCELLENT! I love Nanette. She is tres chic with her pink apple cheeks. And Mr. Wabbit! Hahahahaha, oh goodness, he looks like he's going to play a round of golf! Ohh, girlie, you don't even have to try, do you. You just lift your pen and it just comes right out, huh. You just leak talent. You sneeze or hiccup and... ACHOO -- oops, I done it again, there's the cutest little girl with sass on my paper. Huh.

Ooooh, I found a butt! I found a butt! Better get it to you before Ces thinks it's her prize.

donny* said...

brilliant! brilliant, i say! you are just so flippin' awesome! now, my task for next week? find pants like mr wabbit there. i think i can pull it off. :)

Ces Adorio said...

I did too, take my medications.

My butt is big enough, I don't need another one! Oh what does that mean I have only one butt? Kind of lopsided?

See Vee, It is Bella's fault why I don't get enough sleep.I just came here to say goodnight and she starts talking about my butt.


Tsup! Tsup!!!

Francisco Martins said...

Hey V, whassup girl?? hahaha, you're funny!!
what's wrong with all those butts, how on earth did they got lost???? :P
Nanette and Mr. Wabbit look like they are preparing something seriously EVIL!! :P

Love the illustration! :D

Portuguese kiss!

PS: is Ces ok? LOL!

Ces Adorio said...

Hello! Hello! Hello Hello!
Hello! Hello! Hello Hello!
Hello! Hello! Hello Hello!
I miss you!
I miss you
I miss you
Why is there an echo in here?
Why is there an echo in here?
Why is there an echo in here?

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Oh My goodness Ces! You've won a butt!!!! I big round one! I'm having mine repaired by Bella! It keeps falling off!

Peter Breese said...

Awesome V.. that darn Wabbit does appear to have trouble on his mind!

Cheryl Lynn said...

I'm so happy to see Nannette and Mr. Wabbit! I don't know if you know this or not, but the fight between these two and girlie is what endeared me to your blog. When I saw shoes flying around and nothing but smoke in the air I hollered laughing and have been hooked on your blog ever since. I love you and miss you much, Momma. But I'm so happy for you and the mountain of work you have. Bravo and Congrats!

Hopefully we'll talk soon.

Nicola said...

hehehe what a great post and I love these two characters!!! So adorable! :0)

roberta baird said...

Oh to be as graceful as Nanette!
I love this Nessa! Your style continues to evolve... I don't know how you can improve on pure delight but you do girl!!

Bella Sinclair said...

I got it! I got it! Medical grade super-glue, honey. I'm a-gonna give you a kick-a** butt lift. Firm with a bit of bounce. Kim Kardashian, eat your heart out!

Good thing you gave Ces her own butt, otherwise she'd have her hands all over yours.

Vicki Smith said...

Your puppets truly soar!!! Very adorable.

Ces Adorio said...

This comment section is turning into a butthead convention and now everything I am drawing looks like a butt! ****WWRRRRRRR**** Shaking butt image out of my mind because I am trying to draw your scarf. Oh Veee, you are beautiful. I love you sisterfriend! Tsup!

Uh oh - You trust Bella to do the butt lift procedure? And BTW, what does she mean my hand will be all over yours? I am not a butt person. Actually I need a butt lift too. Have been sitting on it for hours drawing that I think it has become part if the chair! I need a butt extraction!

Tamara Henderson said...

Thank you for coming by to visit and your very sweet comment about my work!!! You have a fun weekend!!!

MrBibleHead said...

No thank you Vanessa! You're the best!

ogait said...

thank you Vanessa Newton !

Eric Barclay said...

Thanks, for the shout out, V! Hope you are up to no good. Lovely illustration!

Debra Keirce said...

Hello to you too!

Amanda Baeza said...

Oh! I'm there! I'm there! thank you Vanessa Newton! Your dancing puppets are so tender... If I was a puppet, I will probably want to be the girl with the pink skirt!

Shirley said...

Oh Nester! Nanette and Mr. Wabbit are a dashing duo...look at that beautiful pointe Nanette is's those perfect details, that just make your illustrations top-notch, sweetie! I hope all is well. Fingers are still working, and kiddies are on break now. Yippeee!!! Time to sleep in and rest a bit. : ) I hope all is lovely and wonderful in your world. Thank you for keeping us updated with you! You know you are missed! : )

Janine said...

Dear Vanessa
it´s quite a while since my last visit. And you made so many phantastic paintings.
I am sorry for being a bad friend the last time, I just needed some time of.
I hope you are doing well.
Congrats to "Aunt Mable".
I promise to visit you now more often, you know how much I love your art, and you are one of the nicest persons I ( don´t) know.
Have a great sunday

AtelierBrigitte said...

Great to hear from you Vanessa - and thank you for sharing this wonderful illo with us!

Megan Coyle said...

and thank YOU for your lovely illustrations :) I love the rabbit in this one :)

justdoodleit said...

Wabbit's Tartan trouser kicks butt...Oh, pun unintended :)

Cynthia Chapman Willis said...

Beautiful puppets! You are amazing! hugs!

get zapped said...

Always a pleasure to hear from you both in words and imagery!! Be well.