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New Book
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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sneak Preview of "One Love"

Hello Family,
I finally got a chance to catch my breathe for a second,
to come around and visit, but to also share a little bit
of what I've been up too. I recently had the chance to
work on a wonderful children's book that will be out soon
called,"One Love" by Cedella Marley. I am so excited about
this book! Cedella has so wonderfully adapted the words
of Bob Marley's (her Daddy) song and created this touching
story. You will want to read it again and again. The book is
going to be in stores on or about Oct 5th and I wanted to
share just a few scenes to wet your taste buds. I had fun
doing the illustrations and playing the song,"One Love"
while working on it he he he he! More to come my friends.
One Love Y'all!
Happy Father's Day to all of you wonderful fathers!
Who's knows, may your daughter or son will take one
of your songs and turn it into a great book he he he!


rachel awes said...

i love the breeze
coming through
the window..
it is like you,
bringing all things
fresh & beautiful.
on the book! xox

Lisa M Griffin said...

Its wonderful! Love the bright cheerful palette and all the little details (the poster on the wall is a great touch)
Enjoy your weekend.

Janine said...

This are so beautiful illustrations.
I love that picture where she is lying in her bed with her teddy and her dog ( I bet her mom isn´t pleased about that, but I suppose she gave in, hi hi).
I love the look of her room and of cause the Bob Marley poster.
I love Bob Marleys songs. I was just 12 years old when he died, so I never saw him onstage, but I saw his son Ziggy Merley playing with the Wailors.
Have a great weekend

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Love the preview Vanessa! Your work captures the spirit of the piece.....always liked that song; like Bob Marley's work.
So BIG CONGRATS on another masterpiece!!! :-D
Like we expected anything less...heehee!
Hugs and blessings to you and yours my friend.


Unknown said...

Hello Sweet Vanessa!!!!!!!!!! Your new book looks and sounds amazing....I used to play that song over and over ages ago!!!! What a riot! Love your work as always and Cole will have to get a copy!!!!!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

k.h.whitaker said...

Oh, I absolutely love these Vee. It is going to be a beautiful book and I cannot wait to see it. Missing you gobs and gobs :)

Ms. Dee said...

This looks like it's going to be fantastic!

Bella Sinclair said...

Awwwwwwwwwww, Miss Veeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Oh how I love these. This is a tremendously fantastic idea for a book, and so significant. How I adore your touches of collage! I couldn't help but read the bedspread. :) And I want colorful mismatched tights with words on them. I think you should branch out and design a line of clothing for happy kids. Yesssssss!

Oooh! Look at your growing list of books! It's like a gorgeous totem pole. Or a magical tower! I want to climb up to the top, throw my arms up in the air, and holler to the world how GREAT MY FRIEND VANESSA IS!!!!!!

Yay summer! I hope you can find some time to come out and play. No spiders, though, please. Yuck!!! Love you and the star you rode in on. And happy Father's Day to your wonderful man!

Ces Adorio said...

Aaaw! You are moving again? Spiders are terrible. I hate spiders and fear them. Congratulations on another well illustrated book. I love the poster o the wall! Take care honey, I shall return soon. Tsup!

Kelly Light said...

I anticipate your new work like no other! - Every like- every swirl, it's just so you. Pure Happiness that you bring your heart to your art and get to share it with all of us and all of the kids.

Laura said...

Okay Miss Vanessa now that song is stuck in my head! Oh well its a great classic :> Congrats on the new book fabulous work - love it!! And I know your super busy these days so appreciate you popping by, your kind words and encouragement mean a lot xo

Vicki Smith said...

Their happy faces make me feel like going outside to lie in the cool grass and look up at the sky! Your illustrations are always deliciously happy, Vanessa.

Jenn Bower said...

Oh WOW! Just when I think I can't love your work any more you post another one of your fabulous creations. Their faces are just the epitome of peace and joy! I love the colors and the wonderful textures you incorporate. The come so alive and almost look like fabric in places.
I can't thank you enough for the time you take to stop by my blog and leave such encouraging comments. There has been many a day when that simple gesture has kept me going. Thank you for that gift.

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

How wonderful! Love the peeks at your work... it is beautiful! And how fun! So glad that you stopped by my blog and said hello. So nice to meet you. Love your art! Love to have you join us on Friday's 'in the studio' sometime! :)

Carin Bramsen said...

Beautiful work, as usual! Big congrats on another super lovely book!!

michael robertson said...

I just don't know how you do it Vanessa! You have so much going on, including a major relocation, and yet you still manage to turn out tons of wonderful images! I hope you're enjoying your new digs.

What an amazing opportunity for you-I guess between this and the Tori Spelling book, we can just start calling you illustrator to the stars! As always, this is jamming-that poster of Marley is a great touch!

theartofpuro said...

Vanessa is fantastic:)Congrats for the book!The illustrations are amazing:)

Tamara Henderson said...

Fantastic work Vanessa!! I already pre-ordered my copy on Amazon!

Anonymous said...

Yeah for you! Looks awesome!!

Megan Coyle said...

Lovely illustrations :) and such great colors and cute characters! What an exciting project!

cathi mingus illustration said...

Your illustrations are wonderful. You are so talented and are getting to work such awesome projects. Good for you, you deserve it!

Kay Aker said...

Wonderstruck! The perfect confluence between words and pictures!

Unknown said...

Hi Venessa,

your work is so lovely!
Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog about the toffee and fudge packaging too!
Here is a link to the site although the 12 days tin won't be on sale til xmas :0)

Cassandra said...

Those illustrations are gorgeous! I bet the book is going to be amazing!

Unknown said...

Hi Vanessa, this preview are amazing. I'm sure that the entire work is gorgeus! I'll buy a copy of One Love in the next time!

get zapped said...

Always so refreshing to visit you. Congrats!!! Such colorful and pleasing imagery. Can't wait to see it in the bookstores!

happy hugs....

Ann Pilicer said...

How wonderful! Such beautiful illustrations! I can not wait to see it in person and get one!!! Congrats to you! :D Love Bob Marley songs! How fun! Thanks for sharing this!

JaneA said...

I absolutely love the colours and also the facial expressions on the children. Great! Congrats on the book.

donny* said...

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. I've got July and October marked on my calendar ... can't wait to see the books. Glad you're digging Charlotte. I've been there, it's wonderful, but I see you're enjoying the same heat we've got here. Been dealing with a lot of life lately, but hopefully I'll have something new posted in the next day or two. Stay awesome! - Donny

Jules said...

Congratulations!!! It looks beautiful. LOve Bob Marley.

Angela Matteson said...

Your work is filled with so much joyful delight! I love the details such as the breeze swaying the curtains, her cute bunny t-shirt, and the way you can tell they are blanketed in sunlight.I can't wait to see this book on the shelves!

Michaele Razi said...

Absolutely gorgeous and heart-warming! I just love it so much. You truly are an inspiration, Vanessa!

Mechelle said...

Vanessa that is so exciting! Congrats on the new book.

Ana M.F. said...

these are so beautiful ♥
Love the Bob Marley poster on the wall :D
Hope everything is fine and you come back posting soon.

michele said...

Looking forward to seeing this one! I know it's going to be well received!
Hope your summer has started off beautifully! :o)

David Cotos said...

Good illustration.

jazzlamb said...

WOWOWOWOW! Vanessa, that looks wonderful! I'm loving the colors and the compositions! Stunning work, as always :)