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Saturday, July 23, 2011


My heart is aching a bit today.
I just heard about the death of Amy Winehouse.
As talented as she was, talent just wasn't enough.
I hate to see potential die. I had always hoped that we
would one day see her sober, drug free and happy.
While I didn't always like the lyrics to her songs, because they
where so sad and often depressing,
I sure did love the way she sang!! She was an amazing
singer. I loved that ratty hairdo of hers and that over
the top eyeliner. She was different and I liked that about
her. I will never forget that awesome gap between her teeth.
27 was way to young to go. I feel for her parents. No
parent should ever have to bury a child. It seems so
out of order.
RIP Amy.


Michael said...

you know, other than seeing pictures of her, I don't know anything about her, never herd her sing or what have you, but your tribute here is very touching. do you think it was drugs? I wonder what horrors she had to endure and drowned out with other things. Terribly tragic.

Anonymous said...

Wow, we all knew it was coming but its always a shock to see it come so fast. I loved her song rehab the best. Something so bad she made it sound so good!
I hope her early death will help people stuck on drugs think twice and come off them.
RIP Amy!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Very sad young. While the media focuses on all the sensational aspects of drugs and alcohol abuse, they leave behind the battles she had with depression, which I am sure the other substances were used to numb and block out. Her defiance for rehab is not surprising, considering the trauma a person goes through trying to get straight.
At the heart of it all, a very creative soul lost....too young, too soon.
May you have peace now Amy, and sing in a higher echelon.


GlorV1 said...

Yes very sad indeed. She was so young, it's heartbreaking.

yoborobo said...

It's so sad. Drugs take so many talented people long before their time.

Ellen Byrne said...

A great, great talent! Nice portrait, Vanessa!

Tami Cohen said...

lovely portrait and tribute. that chick had pipes, man, i will miss hearing what she could have sung next.

Ana M.F. said...

I like the hair and eyes, nice work :)
yes, it is very sad she died so young, she had a great voice.

Indigene said...

Hey love,

Wonderful tribute! She always seem to have a sadness about her; I wish that someone could have reached in and released it for her. Great line work here, you captured her sweet little quirky sad personality!

Cassandra said...

Very true words there Vanessa!! Too many lives are wasted by drugs! Your tribute drawing is great!

Anonymous said...

Im going to Miss Amy Winehouse very much. wonderful voice, so much emotion and energy into her songs. I just wish she could have seen that her fans loved her so much and she could have quit drugs for her fans and for all who are on drugs and want to stop. Im sure the pain she felt was too great to stop. But we all must try to stop doing bad things for our family our friends and most of all, ourselves

Jenn Bower said...

A wonderful tribute to a very talented but tortured young lady. It is so sad when creative genius cracks the fissures of a contented life. I honestly believe she died from a broken heart - she felt too much, and couldn't stand the pain. RIP indeed.

Ann Marie DiVecchia said...

Love your drawing, post, and tribute, Vanessa! She sure did have a beautiful contralto voice and I agree that her 60's inspired, over-the-top look just made her even more mesmerizing. So sad.

Mónica said...

:( RIP, I feel sad.

Shell said...

I feel the same thing. What an awful waste for her to die so young. I hope she has found peace in death that she didn't have in life.

David Cotos said...

Haz realizado un buen dibujo.
Que Dios tenga en su gloria a Amy.

Janine said...

Nothing more to say, you said it just right.
It is such a waste. Poor womon,poor parents.
Your tribiute ie wonderfull and sois your drawing of her. Yoiu captured her in her best moment.

theartofpuro said...

Great tribute for a wonderful voice!

donny* said...

LOVE the drawing of her. LOVE it.

This was a hard one for me. I don't know her music, only the stories from the media. The letter Russell Brand wrote showed her to be more that what was portrayed. We are currently battling addiction with a family member (part of the reason for my online absence). It's rough and her death was a bold reminder of how bad it might get.

michael robertson said...

what a lovely drawing and equally lovely tribute, V. As you can probably guess, I was a huge fan of her music. She had old school soul in her heart, and an amazing voice to match. Even though the writing was on the wall, I was still shocked when I heard. I guess I'm an eternal optimist and I thought she could pull through.
Such a sad waste of talent-I will miss that voice.

canajimo said...

Love your take. I really admired her. This is my tribute for her. please check it out.

Anonymous said...

Amy was abusing alcohol she was done with drugs about 2 years ago. I really like the pic, can I use it for a tattoo I want 2 get of here. Y we alway put out the bad about someone like Amy Y not talk about the great soul she had she was so nice if she felt she can trust you. All the nice things she did for people she didn't know just because she felt it was the right thing 2 do. She didn't do it to look good to the world I bet most of u didn't know this. She had a good heart!