New Book

New Book
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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Book of Negroes has been emotional for me. The characters are stuck in my head. Forever learning.


Bella Sinclair said...

Outstanding! I'd love to see more! Sending you mountains of hugs and kisses. xoxoxoxox

donny* said...

Sometimes it those emotional projects that bring out the best in us and forever learning is a good place to be. This looks absolutely amazing! I would love or can't wait I should say, to see the completed project. Have a great weekend!

Janine said...

Looks great you made so many phantastic books and illustartions. You must be full of Images and stories inside ;0)
I also love the Image of the children of the world you shared in Facebook.
Have a great Weekend

kj said...

i love the title and i would love to hold this book in my hands. you play an important role in life, vee. for sure…


Kylie said...

Wow what a wonderful book. I would love to see one done for our own Aboriginal people here in Australia. So many stories untold so much pain and suffering but their voices are starting to rise.
My son's best friend is a proud aboriginal boy and I love that whenever they see each other they embrace and call each other brother, even now they are in their mid teens. You couldn't get more fair, blue eyed and blonde than my child and brown, brunette and brown eyed than his friend and I think to myself, we are different but we are so the same. Anyway I just love that your illustration is so meaningful as well as beautiful. I aspire to one day do the same. xx