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New Book
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Sunday, July 12, 2015

One little brown girl asking a question. Why are there hundreds and hundreds of book with little to no brown girls as princesses and queens?? Why are there no books about Brown girls dreaming big? Why are there no books about girls like me going to different places in the world and having an adventure? Why?? Can someone please tell me why?? Okay then, Ms.V Please write some books about brown girls like me. Going places and having an adventure and meeting people on the back of a green elephant named Swasi.


Shell said...

Yes, please write these books. And also include little boys, too.

michele said...

Hello! And thanks for asking, cutie! :o)

Bella Sinclair said...

Absolutely! A very smart and brilliant and adorable little girl. I'd love to see her on a green elephant named Swasi! XOXO!!!

becca said...

Hi Vanessa,

I came across your name on the scbwi diversity in books page, and realized I've seen some of your books already. I love your illustrations and I love this post in particular! We ask this question around our house daily (two fierce and perceiving 4-year-old brown girls around here!). I've just become serious about writing and illustrating picture books earlier this year and all of my characters are brown girls (or girl animals)! So glad you are doing this, and not just because it's what publishers want, but because it is part of making the world better!

Rebecca Howe