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Friday, June 17, 2016

Lost my Cousin Sharonda Coleman=Singleton and Ms. Sally Jackson. Just two of the Charleston 9. It feels like yesterday and it was just a few days ago 49 Beautiful people lost their lives in yet another shooting. This evil wants to take my breathe away. I am angry, but yet I forgive. Not because other people need it so badly or even want it from me, but because I need to love and live my best life and continue to be a vehicle of love to anyone and everyone who might need it. I try so hard to put love on everyday, but sometimes I forget a sock, or jacket and it only makes me want to try harder. So easy to hate people. People that don't even care that you hate them. The best way to get back at them is for us, you, me is to keep living and loving to the best of our ability. LOVE always WINS.


Shell said...

Reading that was you lost your cousin and friend, made my heart feel for you. Love, like you said is the answer. We have to keep on believing in love and goodness especially when tragedy touches us.

Constantina Kalimeris said...

Thank-you Vanessa xo ! Losing people you love is sad. But with time, loving memories help us heal. Blessings to you and thanks for sharing your beautiful art! It always cheers me up :)

Tara Sullivan said...

I haven't any words to offer...none seem adequate. Just a hug and a wish for the peace and love you so generously share with all. Never stop shining your light, Vanessa. Never stop. XO

Unknown said...

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kj said...

ms vee, i love your words, and the image of putting love on like a warm sweater.

myself, i don't think so much in terms of forgiveness; i don't know why that is. i think about action, what can i do to get assault weapons out of our country, to demand equality among us all, to denounce racists and bigots and big mouth donalds? I do my best to be kind and i'm most often willing to take a stand. i respect the opinions of others, but i find i've become more vocal when the stakes are high.

we are the underground railroad, yes?

Michael O’Connell said...

Thank you for sharing, Vanessa. I am truly sorry that such hate and loss touched your life so personally. It has been quite some time that I have even looked at old blog and even longer since I participated in Illustration Friday. Today, I decided to change that and to look to some of my old online friends. Your work was and continues to be so upbeat. It always brightened my day. Thank you for standing strong and not letting the monsters of this world win. Love and peace to you!