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New Book
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Sunday, November 20, 2016

It is so very important that every child gets to see themselves beautifully illustrated in picture books. I never saw myself in picture books until I saw the "Snowy Day" by Ezra Jack Keats. I didn't see myself on tv or in magazines as a child. I thought that I was invisible for a very long time. Is is now my desire to illustrate every child. Show them that they are special and unique. I want little brown girls and boys to see themselves as princes and princesses Kings and queens. This is a little project that am working on. A Very Brown Princess and the green the Pigeon pea! It's a little Spanish and a little African and a whole lotta Gullah with just a touch of Crucian! It's all to funny as well. Wishing you all a very Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving! Hugs V


Carin Bramsen said...

Oh, Vanessa!!! I adore your beautiful Princess and her sleepy little legume!! And I could stare at the play of colors in this piece all day – a Thanksgiving feast in itself. You're my favorite colorist, bar none. Happy Thanksgiving to you!! I'm so thankful for your inspiring spirit and your brilliant art. Big hugs, Carin

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Hey Carin, thank you so very much babygirl.
I am working on my colors even more these days.
We need something bright and colorful to look upon
these days! I am over here blushing at being your
favorite colorist! That is an honor indeed LOL!
Happy Thanksgiving to you my Darling friend.

timmyolsen said...

I love your work and your spirit. Keep going strong!!!!! Tim

Carin Bramsen said...

So true, Vanessa – we need real brightness these days. And your ingenious color combos are the perfect Rx for my eyes and soul. :)

Express Yourself Studios, LLC said...

Love it! Can't wait to see more!

becca said...

Thank you on so many levels for this! That my daughters can see themselves in a well-known story. That your style brings immediate joy for viewers. That you use your personal heritage from the low country to make this story richer and more important for Americans than the original--that my kids and all the other white and black kids out there will learn something deeper about our history than we currently get to learn about in our school curriculums.

I feel thankful for all of these things.

Bella Sinclair said...

I love her! And I love your project. It's exactly what we all need, both young and old. What a fantastic mix of bright colors and patterns. Heck, I'd sleep on those mattresses even if you put a giant boulder underneath them! Your art explodes with so much love and innocence and happiness, dear Miss V, that the appeal is universal. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your wonderful family. XOXO

Shell said...

Your Princess is truly lovely. One of my favorite books as a girl was Phoebe and The General. It is about a free black girl who helps George Washington from an impending attack by a British spy. Representation does matters. Happy Thanksgiving, Vanessa, to you and your family.

kj said...

it's wonderful, vee. the colors scream joyful power!

i so applaud every intention and very illustration your offer. my very white grandchildren will in their own way learn the right lessons also because of your heart and talent.

i love you, vee. rock on

Gay McKinnon said...

V, I just received my SCBWI bulletin here in Tasmania and was thrilled to see art by you on the cover (instantly recognisable, gorgeous work, and what a great original take on the kite theme). I looked inside quickly to find your interview - loved it. Your advice is spot on. Keep shining!!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Hey Thanks everyone! Sending you all so much love and well wishes for the Holidays!