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New Book
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Monday, August 24, 2009

Drum City (sneak Peak)

Hey there Family,
Some of you know that I have been busy working on a couple of new projects.
One of which was a wonderful story called, "Drum City".
It is due to be released sometime this year before Christmas
through Tricycle Press. It's a fun book about a boy who is over
heard playing his little pots and pans in his backyard. Everyone
in the neighborhood becomes curious and wants to joins in. Both children and adults
find all kinds of objects to make a drums from and form a city wide band!
The whole city becomes one big drumming band.
I have to say I so enjoyed working on this project. I got stretched
in so many different ways he he he he!
I will tell you that this is not the business for thin skinned illustrators.
Just because you like your illustration doesn't mean everyone else
will and so you have to take the critics and comments on the chin, build up
a thick skin and of course, don't take it personal. Remember this is what you love to do!
I have learned so much through the process. I will forever be a student
because I love to learn. With each new project I learn something new.
Here are just two spreads that I would
like to share with you. I'll let you know when it goes on sale.


Ces Adorio said...

Where is Tabitha's father? I hope he lives in this city? Perhaps he is wearing black socks? Oh my, definitely thick hide to accept the unfavorable comments from your critics but look at what you have done. I mean, come one, these illustrations will make an agelast and a misanthrope smile!

Kelly Light said...

Yes- thicker skin over here too!- Your work will rise above it all- it's just that good:)

Carla said...


...and thanks for those words of wisdom. Developing a balance of thick skin and knowing that we are always "students" when it concerns anything in life is true wisdom indeed.

Shirley said...

Oh my goodness gracious, Vanessa..these are just simply amazing!!! I love all of your characters - their personalities truly come alive. You are truly an inspiration to me. Your words of wisdom and delightfully brilliant illustrations always make me work harder (and I learn so much by doing so). Thank you, my friend!!

Desiree said...

Looks awesome! Nice, inspiring words too, you can never have too much skin :)

Owl Eng said...

This is going to be one of the most fabulous pic books! i want to get it for my own christmas gift

Alicia Padrón said...

Your work is amazing Vanessa! Every little detail is wonderful. :o)

Yes, the though skin.. I'm looking for one of those.. haven't found it yet but I know it necessary.

Abz said...

:D colourful goodness!

check out the latest one! :P

michael robertson said...

absolutely gorgeous... can't wait to see the book! I can't imagine anyone not just flipping over your art, but I know how it is... sometimes people just want to make changes on your art just because they can!

Anyway, vanessa, thanks for all the kind words. You always make me laugh. As of now, I don't have any prints available but I'm thinking I should look into it... I've been getting a few requests. I'll let you know when I do. Later, and keep cranking out that amazing work!

Janine said...

I love the storys you tell with your paintings
Have a lovely day

Nina Seven N7 said...

vanessa - the book looks fantastic! i hear you about the book design process, you really do need a thick skin. even though the book i did went pretty smoothly, we did have some rough patches, some reworking and lots of discussions!

Eric Barclay said...

Can't wait to buy this book. :-)

Anonymous said...

I really love your work, the colors are beautiful!

Cheryl Lynn said...

Hey Girlie! This is magnificent! What a wonderful work. Both spreads are fabulous. I want to call you and talk if that's okay.

Have a great day.

Love ya!

Ronit said...

Great illustrations!
Love the colors, your line - such a delight!


Michelle Henninger said...

Ahh V, these are fabulous! I can't wait to read Drum City it sounds like such a fun story, and how can it not be with your illustrations gracing it's pages!!

Thick skin definitely helps! Being stretched, while sometimes painful, really does help us to become better at what we do, doesn't it? It also helps to have friends there to boost you up when you need it. I know you've done that countless times for me!!

Indigene said...

You can handle it! Ya crazeee! lol! It looks like a winner to me.

Abz said...

That was one of the nicest comments ive read on my blog! You're fantastic! Thanks so much!! :) I will keep visiting for sure! :D You inspire artists to do better, great job!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea and beautiful pictures! I can't wait to see it out. I bought a vintage tablecloth/playcloth with streets and houses and curly-twigged trees on it at an opshop the other day, and was reminded of your work.

Shell said...

I can't imagine anyone not liking your illustrations. You advice on getting a thick skin is needed for all creative ventures.

Gina said...

Wonderful artwork and wonderful words of wisdom. All very true, thank you for this post and all your posts.

Kristi Valiant said...

Oh, how super fun! I can't wait to buy this book, Vanessa. It sounds like you may have had a bit of a rough time with revisions, but girl, it turned out gorgeous, fun, and energetic. You really shine personality through your characters.

Roberta said...

This is going to be so cool... I can't wait until it comes out!

Thanks for the commentary too.... Let's be like the Timex... and keep on ticking!

justdoodleit said...

Such gorgeous characters and expressions. Drum City will surely cause a bang!

Debra Keirce said...

How did I miss this post? What a beautiful book this is going to be Vanessa! Simply beautiful!!

Art Fan Ako said...

I love the expressions on their faces! You made it look fun!

Bella Sinclair said...

Boom ba da boom ba da Boom BOOM BOOM!

Wicked good, Miss V! I love the JOY in these. They sure do capture community and unity. They make me SMILE!

You know, I need to rethink things. I'm spending way too much money on lotions that claim to make my skin better. I should just go wild and get skin like a rhino. Spend the money on art supplies instead.

I love you, girlie-Q! Hope you're having the most fabulous day!

Kay Aker said...

Wondrous complexity! Dazzling!

Pencil Pocket said...

Wow Vanessa. These are amazing! Incredible. Lovely stuff! I love seeing your blog.

yoon see said...

Lovely title to work on.
Lovely concept and execution.
I remembered my music centre once had an annual concert. It's about drum chic, that the performers got to use objects to make drum sounds. It was a good performance:)
Loving it.
I can imagine yours also having the same effect to their reader.
I do hope for a copy.
Let's pray that they are giving discount to the people outside stat. Sometimes, the exchange rate plus the mail for a book is sky high.
I wish they have a way to bring in the good books to different country and make it available to the local bookshop.
I once feel like buying, but I got to pay RM200 all in including postage. That's very expensive for me...
Here, again my sincere congrats to you again and again Vanessa.

Happy creating and happy learning just like you mentioned here:)

Unknown said...

These are beautiful illustrations!!! Did you write the text too? Can't wait to read this!

Unknown said...

These are beautiful illustrations!!! Did you write the text too? Can't wait to read this!

Lucas Ferreyra said...

Great works in your blog! Congratulations!
You use real life looking characters and I love it.