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New Book
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Monday, August 17, 2009


I got one of the nicest surprises on last week from a wonderful friend
Caren Caren has one of the most beautiful
Blogs around. It's like a going to high tea, A garden party, girls night outs,
and A fabulously delightful Shabby Chic shop all in one!!! It's a pleasure so please
when get a moment or two check it out. Caren has was she calls,

Welcome to PINK SATURDAY! Has another week gone by so quickly? So glad you stopped by to visit me's another GIVEAWAY!

In honor of our new website (see previous post), we are giving away to one LUCKY winner, a FAIRY DOOR of your choice. We have plenty that are PINK but you don't have to choose a pink one! Please leave a comment and if you would like you can jump on over to our website -( just click that button over there on the right) and let me know in your comment which Fairy Door you prefer!

Well I won!!!! Yeah, they picked my name out of hat and I won! I'm so excited about my little fairly door.
here is a picture of what these awesome fairy door look like!
So cute!!!

They are the cutest item. A beautifully painted door with wonderful details. If you would like to see it close up take a peek at
Of course if you would like to purchase one you can purchase online as well.
Thanks again Caren. I will treasure my Fairy door and take a picture of it when it comes so
you can all see where I've placed it. Thanks again Caren you made my day!!!
Have a good one everyone!


2pompitas said...

Hello Vanessa,
It´s very nice to meet you. We think you are really great, love your work and illustrations!!!

Best regards from Spain!!


Ces Adorio said...

Congratulations Sweetie!. Now, can I fit through the door?

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

he he he hee he he!!! I think if we all drink a little of what Alice had in Wonderland, we maybe able to get through! he he he LOL Shoot they should market the stuff, I need to loose about 85 pounds LOL

caren said...

Ah Vanessa, how sweet are you!!!!! Thanks so much!

Ken said...


I really like your drawings. They are full of character, great work!

Edrian said...

Congrats! How cool!

Ces Adorio said...

Me too!

Ces Adorio said...

My GOODNESS! I just went through your archives and I am floored! I love your Illustration friday entry for VACANT! Fantastic! You are truly fantastic!

Debra Keirce said...

Kudos to you VAnessa! Awesome!

Ces Adorio said...

Oh Ms. V!

I am so glad you are able to follow your passion for art and do what you love to do. Your happiness is important and doing something that you don’t like will make you unhappy and bitter.

Your work is astounding and veru desirable! You have varried styles and quite eclectic!

As for me, I really did not have any strong or dying desire to pursue art. Believe me, I fluctuated from wanting to be an airplane pilot, a lawyer, architect or engineer. I did not think of being a nurse, really. I decided to be a nurse a few hours before I got dressed to register for college. Then I was accepted to every college in our province. I was sort of academic but not nerdy at all. I was very young when I went to college. I was fifteen and as fickle I am now, imagine how I was then!

No I never really wanted to be a Fine Arts major. I come from a very academic family and quite competitive. We never really thought of fine arts as a profession but rather a dilettante activity. I like it that way. All my brothers and sisters pursue an artistic activity they desire but we are all quite academic. I am glad I studied nursing. I loved being an emergency trauma nurse and I LOVE LOVE LOVE what I do now, very mental, intellectual activity although there is an art to writing patient safety rules. It is a logical process and I like logic. Sometimes it is exhausting and very stressful and I do need to balance my schedule but I love my profession.

So I have no regrets. To me art is a leisure activity. If someone paid me a million dollars for my painting, I would not complain though.

Ces Adorio said...

Vanessa my Darling! You almost made me scream at work when I opened my email at lunch. OMG! OMG! OMG!

Alas! Your email address, what is it? If you email me with it I will be able to send you my address. If it is an electronic file, you may also use my email address on my profile. Thank you again. Thank you!