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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bella, Eric, Ces and Peter Doing The Dance

My weather man tells me that Jersey will be getting hit once
again with SNOW. Now, I Have sent grass skirts and coconuts bras
to my family and friends to prevent this snow from coming.
Yes,we believe that there is a snow dance that will prevent snow
from coming! Oh, never heard of it?? This is because it's an
old family secret. Okay so it won't actually stop snow from coming, but
it's hilarious as heck! Here is an illustration I did showing Bella, Ces
Eric and Peter doing the dance! That's right people!! Shake what
Yo Mama's gave you! he he he he he!!! Now if it still snows like they
say it will, then you people haven't shaken it hard enough. You don't
want to see me shake it! Honestly, you don't.
Have great weekend!


Ces Adorio said...
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Ces Adorio said...




I danced yesterday!
I really danced yesterday! I lost my brain yesterday, dancing the CAN CAN. No wonder it still snowed. I did not get it right. I should have danced the Hula!


I will dance now.


Vee you are a riot. At least you are not depressed or ran out into the snow naked.

I did that once during a blizzard 1in 1984, NO not run out naked into the street but I did run out and lie down in the middle of East jersey Street. Honest to God I did so did some of my fellow nurses. The entire city was clamped down and we were off duty so the crazy nurses across the street ran out and played in the blizzard in the middle of the street!


k.h.whitaker said...

Very cute, love the grass skirts, my daughter was showing us pictures last night of the record snowfall in Virginia. They were so bored that they built an igloo fort and dug a 6 foot tunnel... he,he,he. Maybe Spring will come quickly.

Ces Adorio said...

Hey my sister had to drive in the snowstorm to go to work with her fellow nurse. See, nurses still have to go. I think they wore coconut bras to help them arrive safely at the hospital.

Ces Adorio said...

Vee, The Viking says you are a GREAT ILLUSTRATOR!

Silke Powers said...

Oh, I love this!! Made me laugh out loud this morning. Thank you for that!! And hoping your snow stays away... Hugs, Silke

Janine said...

You are a gem. That is so delicious and funny again.
I love that coconut- bras!

Bella Sinclair said...


A-Pooka-Pooka-Oy! A-Pooka-Pooka-HAY!

Watch out now. I got me one of those flaming sticks, and it's a-twirlin', baby! Burn, baby, BURN! WAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm shakin' like an 8.0!

uH oH! Da ROOF, da ROOF, da ROOF is on FIRE!

This is the BEST! Oh my goodness, I am laughing so hard!!! This is gonna chase away the snow for sure. I hope you don't mind, but I want to put this up on my side bar. You can never have too much dancing!


Ces Adorio said...

Vee, may I please post this on my sidebar too?

Dear Fireflies said...

Oh, Hey V! Do you know any kind of dance that would actually send some snow my way??? It's too friggin HOT here!!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

OMG....this is hilarious!!! I love it!
DH is always asking me to do a snow dance so work is delayed; so there really IS a dance and obviously I am NOT wearing the right clothing for the job!!!
I regularly run out in single digit weather in the snow and ice in pajamas to shoot pictures for the blog---does that compare with nurses playing in a blizzard or am I just crazy? ;)
Maybe I should not have asked...


Shell said...

You should have been telling me about the snow dance!!! I would have been shaking it. I and Mabel, my cat, will do so tonight.

Indigene said...

Hmmph! I can't believe you're not sending me one of those! I'm stamping my feet and throwing a tantrum! lol! I guess you know if I danced like that, the building would!

It's so ala Josephine Baker and that's a great thing! Fabulous!

Lins Artyblobs said...

Hope that snow dance works for you!

Nicola said...

hahahah what a brilliant idea and a fantastic illustration!!! I love it! The movement is wonderful, such a cute piece. Hope they work for you!

Peter Breese said...

Hilarious V, absolutely fantastic! I'm right there with you, absolutely buried in white stuff and it's not the illegal stuff they sell down South. Nope this is fresh grade A snow. I'm looking forward to putting on my coconut bra and grass skirt - as you can see I am very dashing with one on ;).

You are a riot V! Brilliant as always. By the way, I want a copy of that image! I'll have to grow out my soul patch!

Brad said...

geez this is such a great illustration! love everything about it. i like how you added the hairy ankles too, hahah!

i hope the dance works and the snow misses you!!

Eric Barclay said...

I'm doing the dance! Got my coconuts and my grass skirt and am doing the dance. But I'm wearing Old Spice so I at least smell like a man.

I love this!

Unknown said... are a riot Vanessa!!! this is fantastic!!! I hope they shake shake shake !!!

Wonderful work!!!


Susan said...

OMG Vee - this is hysterical! You guys are tooooo much, you, Bella and Ces always make me laugh!

Love this retro part of your style!

Krista said...

Ok, Out, out OUT with Seasonal Affective Disorder!! Vanessa has declared it-- no more! Peter, Eric, Ces and Bella, keep it up!

Ginger*:) said...

I Love this dancing quartet.
Up here in northern New England we do our snow dance to bring on the snow *:)

AtelierBrigitte said...

haha, snow-dance - wish I could do that ;)
Great illo and a great story!

Dear Fireflies said...

V, I'm back.. Oh, you are so, so kind to me with your words! I was having one of those days when I wanted to hide in the cupboard and stay there the whole day (which unfortunately I couldn't do cos people would go panic looking for me!). So I was glad when I read your sweet're like a dancing ladybug, so cheerful and happy! ox

Melinda Stanley said...

Ahhhh!!! I love it! What a perfect way to ignore the cold weather! Love the movement. Soo fun!
By the way, love the video of you showing your process! I love to witness how others work! So very cool. Hope you had a great weekend, Vanessa! :)

Ces Adorio said...

Did it stop? Sister Vee I have been dancing these past two days and the grass skirt fell off and it exposed my hinie and I got a ticket! Now I have to explain to the judge why I was running down the street in my tooshies! The snow better stop!

Edrian said...

Oh, this is hilarious!!!
You are sooo funny!!!.

I hope the snow goes elsewhere, if not.. at least everyone is having some fun shaking it!

Mónica said...

Amazing and wonderful dance scene!!
Congrats and hugs for all :D
i like very much these tropical dance with snow day. thanks for share this happy day

Ces Adorio said...

Good morning Miss Vee! Okay I will shake again today but it may not be from the hula, it may be my convulsion from a hectic schedule. Shake it Baby! Have a great day sister. Tsup!

Amy C said...

heee heeee, totally cute and fun, love those coconut bras!
I have been shaking here since November, and we still got snow! I am gonna shake much harder from now on, I am sure that will do it.

Cheryl Lynn Pastor said...

This is just too amazing! The crew is jammin' for sure! I think I'll join in, me and Afrottiqua will get our No Snow Dance grooves on!

Sweet illo, girlie!

Juliette Crane said...

spring is just around the corner. love these dancers! xo, juliette

Unknown said...

Hi Sweetie!!! just popping in to say we are wearing our hula skirts and it looks like it is was an amazing day!!! and more warm weather to come!!!


Susan said...

Thanks SO much Vee for your wonderfully supportive comments on my rollercoaster blog - I appreciate it so much! And you bet, we're doing the coco-grass dance - think it's workin'!

Art Fan Ako said...

What a great friendship illustration! I got excited seeing the hula skirts. I can teach you guys how to hula... hehehe!

illustration poetry said...

you know, you always cheer me up, Vanessa.
thank you very much!
please say hello to Shirley from me if you call her anytime.


Francisco Martins said...


Oh V., you crack me up!

You lack a very important secret ingredient though... if you reallyyyy want it to work, you have to say the magic words while you're dancing (yeah yeah, i come from a very ancient family of warlocks).

Repeat after me:

"Now is the time, this is the hour... mine is the magic, mine is the power!"

Chant it with vocal harmonies if you can (you're a singer so I'm sure you'll get it right - choose the chords carefully - 3rd, 5th, combined with a 4th or 6th in the most important words (magic, power). Careful not to use a 7th note (it's the note of the devil, you know??)

ha ha ha

Good luck with your Snow Dance...(I though those dances where supposed to make rain/snow FALL??) LOL

super hug


donny* said...

ddddddaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnggggggg! i wanna borrow your sense of color for a while. not long ... just six months or so. a year, tops. and the talent to! :) ... wonderful illustration. just, wow!

Ces Adorio said...

I danced yesterday and a full rainbow appeared after the rain. I danced this morning and the sun is shining brightly. So did the snow stop falling over there?

Francisco Martins said...

hahaha, See??? told ya!

Anytime! I'm glad that my mambo jambo literally worked a miracle four you guys!! :D

hugss! :P

Bella Sinclair said...

Ohhhh YESSSS! Boobage!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I can't stop shaking it, V! Once I got the momentum going... it's... it's.... ohhhhh shaka shaka shaka! Dang, don't they make athletic coconut bras?

Glad you only got flurries!!! Try to catch some on your tongue for me. Yum yum yum. Try it. Should be pina colada flavor. You're welcome.

justdoodleit said...

What a cute, funny dance...are they dancing to Baloo's 'Bare Necessities' track?

Ken Chandler said...

A terrific tradition, even if shaking could cause bodily injury. : ) LOVE the illustration, and the idea of dancing the snow away. Like you said, even if it doesn't work, it'll make you forget about the snow. Hilarious!

Anonymous said...
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Andrew Finnie said...

"Shake what
Yo Mama's gave you! he he he he he!!"

sums it up :) Great work, full of joy!

michael robertson said...

this is SO great and SO funny! you are a constant source of amazement to me vanessa, you're work has it all-it's just so freakin appealing and you produce so much of it for us to enjoy! thanks!

froggie is... said...

now, did you REALLY send these outfits out? to them? i can totally see you doing that, nj. as for the your geographic neighbor, i better be getting my coconuts from you soon as one more school day and i'm a cod fish. my brain can't handle any more wii tennis or half-blood prince hijinx!

OYYYY!!! and this is faboo, as always, vbn! love their postures and your super tecnique! here's a clink of the vino glasses to spring and double blooming daffodils, SOON!

xxoxo frozen froggista

donny* said...

had to drop by a give you a big smile -> :) <- for your comments. thank you sooooo much!

andres casciani said...

theres is a lot of happines in your work, nice to meet you!

Mónica said...

Have a nice and funny weekend :)
Hugs, thanks for your kind coments

get zapped said...

You Rock! I love your snowy day video too :)

Hope you are seeing pavement... and greenery.

Angela Meijer said...


roberto M. said...

JA JA JA very funny. How you did the grass? I hope tha it works.

roberto M. said...

JA JA JA Very funny. i hope that it works. How you did the grass?

Anonymous said...
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