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Saturday, February 13, 2010

No More Adrift

Who are these people??? Only more of my extended and growing family.
Stephanie has been a part of my family for over 20 years now. She and
Nick got married a few years ago, but Nick has been in the U.S. Military
for much of their marriage and far away from Stephanie. Stephanie
got the greatest gift for Valentine's Day. Nick came home from his finial
tour and he is home safe and sound and now the two of them can finally start enjoying
married life together. Happy Valentine's Day Nick and Stephanie!
No more Adrift but together once again. God is Awesome!!!
I love you guys sooooo very much and tearfully overjoyed for you.
Happy Valentine's Day to you all!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oh what a BLESSING!!!! (and I love the retro valentine!)
I wish all our military folks were home safe; we deal with it daily with Gary's job.
Happy Happy Valentines Day to ALL y'all!!!!


Shirley said...

OH! What a wonderfully touching post, Nester! It is truly a blessing that they are together at last. Wonderful!! Hugs to you and wishing you a wonderful heart-filled weekend. xoxo!

illustration poetry said...

heheh :D this is so sweet Vanessa!!
hugs to you.

Janine said...

That´s wonderful for them.
No lovers should be daparted, especially not on Valentines day.
Happy Valentines- sunday
to you too

k.h.whitaker said...

Oh, I can relate. I was separated from my husband at least 60% of the time he was in the military. The longest separation was 14 months. Our second child was an infant when he left and a toddler who didn't know him when we were able to join him overseas. It was a difficult life. What a blessing it is for him to be home now and safe. Happy Valentines Day!

Shirley said...

Nester, you just take good care and hope you have had a wonderful Valentine's day so far...sounds like your house is full. I do hope you can catch some good rest (maybe tomorrow?) My mother had a great 75th yesterday..I am pooped (we brought the party)..but it's just a blessing to be there and enjoy the family. Today was a day of pancakes, treats, housework, and now catching up with my favorite people. You are one of them. Thank you so much for the visit today - you are on my mind with hopes that you get to rest after that big project. Can't wait to hear/read about it when you can, and hope that this next one is a good one to you! Take care and hugs, my friend! Shirley

illustration poetry said...

you know, you're such a multi-talented lady, thats why i simply adore you.


Charmaine D'Silva said...

Happy Valentines day V!! Miss u and lova ya too!

I love all your past few illustrations by the way...meant to tell you that sooner and congrats on your book.

xoxoxoxo Charm

Kay Aker said...

How romantic!

Ces Adorio said...

Hello sweet Vanessa. It seems to me that all the people in your family extended or flexed are all very happy. I bet it has a lot to do with your contagious enthusiasm. I wish that I knew you when I lived in NJ, but wait, you may have just been a young girl or even a baby.

Shell said...

A really sweet Valentine's story with a happy ending.

Cheryl Lynn said...

What a wonderful Valentine's story! This is fantastic. So glad they can be together and that God spared him to be with his family!

Wonderful, wonderful!

Krista said...

Blessings upon you, Stephanie and Nick!!

Jarrett said...

Your work is looking as fab as always! That's really great for your friends:)

Susan said...

Wonderful news, I'm very happy for this great looking couple! My husband was in the Navy for four years while we were engaged, everyone said we were crazy - well, here we are 18 years later! Ain't love grand!

Bella Sinclair said...

That is the BEST Valentine's. Their smiles say it all. Awwwwwww! Many happy years to them!

Lisa M Griffin said...

What a beautiful story to share. One of my closest friends has dealt with being a military wife her entire married life. Her husband is a black hawk helicopter pilot and has done a tour overseas as well. We saw first hand how many sacrificies her family made while he was away, but thankfully his is safely home now too. Very kind of you to share this story with a happy ending as well.

Ces Adorio said...

Dearest Sweet Sweetheart Vanessa! Thank you for your kind and supportive words. I am so tired from removing the large images. I fell asleep editing my Picasa album last night! I feel so much better.

illustration poetry said...

have a lovely weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xxxooo to you and your family!

Mônica said...

Hey Vanessa! You're named in this week's Publisher's Weekly Children's Newsletter:

Congrats!! Wohooo!! :-)

オテモヤン said...
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Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

To all my fabulous friends, family, peers, Thanks so much for your encouragement and sweet words. They are priceless to me. I truly do appreciate it.

Ces Adorio said...

Sweet sisterfriend, I just want to wish you a wonderful day. I hope you are well!

Nita Jo said...

How wonderful for them! It's nice to hear a positive outcome for one of our military families. I pray their lives will be filled with peace and with joy!