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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Carol Baldwin post, "Where are the People of Color in Children's Literature? An Answer from Vanessa Newton As a member of SCBWI, I follow topics of interest through LinkedIn. Recently the question, "Where are the People of Color in Children's Literature?" generated many comments. When I read a personal response from a Charlotte, NC illustrator, Vanessa Brantley-Newton, I asked her permission to post it here.

Author Carol Baldwin asked if she could post some of my comments from a recent SCBWI chat on When you get a chance please run over to her site and read it. Please leave a comment or two if you are so inclined. Have a great day.


k.h.whitaker said...

Hello Gorgeous, I miss you so :) (((HUGS)))

Ces Adorio said...

Hellooooooooo Beautiful!!! You are doing a great service with your illustrations Vee. It is good that little children can identify with characters. It just makes reading more fun. Thank you! Tsup!!!