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New Book
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Friday, May 23, 2014

Lots Going On in My Studio

Hello Blogger Friends, Hope that you all have been doing well. It's been super busy for me with family and work. I feel bad because I haven't really been around. Sometimes life happens so fast that the things you love to do get passed over. I miss you all so very much and I long to come back and start blogging again. I am making time to do so. Wish me luck. Sending you all best wishes and creative thoughts today and everyday. Shalom


Shell said...

Sometimes it's challenging to keep up with your blog when you have other creative adventures going on. I love all the illustrations you shared with us.
Have a great Memorial Day weekend, Vanessa.

Minnie said...

Whenever you post it's a great day. Have a beautiful weekend.

kj said...

Vee, I wish you luck and riotous weekend fun. No need to worry about when go blog: it's always good oh see your avatar


Gay McKinnon said...

Lovely work Vanessa ... don't worry - we all understand what it's like to be too busy to blog!! I really liked your post on 'where are the people of color' and your photo was gorgeous. It's good to see that you are in a position of influence and your comments about this subject have reached many people.

Bella Sinclair said...

WHEEEEEE!!!! I love it. Love it ALL! Busy is good. Busy means there will soon be more Ooh-la-la goodness in this world. Can't ever get enough of that, no siree bob. You make sure to breathe and smile, okay???? Sending you gobs of looooooooove! TSUP tsup tsuperooo!