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Monday, July 21, 2008

An Afternoon with Cozbi Cabrera

I enjoy daydreaming. One of my dreams is to go across the pond and end up at a few flea markets in England and Paris. I think some of the most talented children's book illustrators and crafters come from there. Here in the USA we have talent as well. I had the pleasure of visiting a very wonderful shop in Brooklyn, New York. It is owned by a beautiful, fantastically talented doll maker and artist named Cozbi. Cozbi has been making dolls since 1997 when she sold her first one for $65.00. She has since expanded her product line and opened a yummy little shop displaying her handmade clothing line, quilts and children's apparel. And if this isn't enough, she is a wonderful children's book illustrator as well. She has never taken a sewing class, however her mom sewed and crocheted. Both of her parents had remarkable hand skills. She says ,"They planted the seeds of her skills." I think what really made this visit very special for me was her easy, sweet personality, her willingness to share and humble spirit. She has a great sense of self. She loves what she does and it shows up in everything this woman touches. Cozbi's store was like a little sanctuary for this artist. The quiet was refreshing and the company uplifting. I will long remember my visit to Cozbi's. I wanted to share these pictures to inspire you. Cozbi, thanks so much for your wonderful smile and sharing your world with me and others. I am so grateful that I got the chance to come and meet you. Keep creating your one of a kind wholesome goodness.
Here are some pictures from my visit.


2 Geechee Girls said...

Great little interview! I love the way you share about the places you've been and the people you meet. Cozbi's place is a treat for the eye. Do more of these trips and share please. You get to go places and do things that I desire to do, but can't find the time.

jan.s said...

I loved this story so thank you for sharing it. I've just discovered your site via the beautiful art of linda lovely to find like minded spirits...your warmth and love of life leaps of the pages. Much good cheer from the land of oz. jan.s