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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Anthropomorphic Romance Watercolor Wednesday

Monsieur Forknoir could wait no longer. He had to express his undying love to Spoonita before it was to late.
Though a little tarnished, Spoonita looked past his outer appearance and saw love his eyes. The two have since married and live very happily in my kitchen draw. When I last saw the two a week ago, Spoonita told me that she was expecting.


Lisa Rivas said...

Very charming indeed! When is the due date for their child?
You have such a lovely, happy style! It makes my heart sing...
Have a great week-end. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Vanessa,

thank you for your lovely comments! ;) The little dog is Lino and he will be a part of new stories about him and his best friend (a little girl). And maybe I get some ideas for the fishery story. But if you have some, you could tell me and I do the pictures. ;)

AstridMueller said...

this is very funny and greatly done!

Lynn Alpert said...

Funny story! I'm guessing their child would be of the spork variety!

Anonymous said...

hahahah classic!! love the humor!!! Spoonita looks FAB!!! Love her shoe - wonder where she got it frm?