New Book

New Book
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Sunday, July 27, 2008

I am always asked can I do animals? I focus on people so much that sometimes I do forget that there are other things to illustrate as well. Animals have character and personality too. I plan to put more animal illustrations in my portfolio to show. Honestly, it is something that has to be worked on. I have done fashion and children books that feature people, but now there is a request for something different. In children's book illustration, it is very important to have figures that convey emotions, settings, and most of all movement. I have learned that you have to have something going on in the picture. Not just have figures standing there. Something to draw the eye in. Standing figures whether animal or human is not a bad thing so much, but you want to see some action within the picture. I work in many different artist media. It's just me. I love to play around with pastels, watercolors, paper, pencils, acrylics and crayons. I will try out some animals in these different media to see what works for me. I will post it so you can see the good, bad, and the very ugly of the process. Remember to make your mark and see where it takes you. Have a creative day.

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