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New Book
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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Family is so very important to me and too lots of you out there in blogger land. My family is made up of so many people. Some of which are not connected by blood or marriage, but rather by spirit and friendship. I share so much with these people. Vacations, advice, joy, happiness, food, encouragement, prayer and lots of tears and laughter. I think often about people who don't have a family or think less of themselves because they only have one parent or no parents or maybe have been adopted. I never felt so lonely as when I lost my mom to colon cancer. My sister and I got even closer after her death, but we also found comfort in the arms of extended family and friends who loved us through one of our most painful losses. I can say, that family is not just the people who share your genes and last name, but rather those who are connected through life and deep friendship. I am working on stories about blended families. This illustration is for the cover of a book that I'm working on called, "A Family for Dear Mr.Tibbles. A Christmas story." Mr. Tibbles' Christmas wish is not to spend Christmas alone again. He meets Mai and Sue Lee and the three become a family, but not without some hilarious craziness and mayhem.

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Michelle Henninger said...

Hi Vanessa -
I'm so sorry for your loss. I totally agree with you about how important family is. They are the people you can be yourself with - the good, bad and ugly.

This book jacket looks great. I can't wait to hear about the mayhem Mr. Tibbles and his new family get into!

(By the way, did you do the illos for Ruby, and the Booker Boys? - I've been reading it to my daughters, and we've been enjoying the drawings! It's my youngest one's pick from the Barnes and Noble Summer Reading program - very cool!)

:) Michelle