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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

To Many Styles

I hear thiis quite a lot. "You have so many styles. Too many" I have about 5 styles really. It's how I am wired and made. It can be frustrating for some people I guess. I watch and learn. It's very important for me to stay teachable. My parents could not afford to indulge my art fetish as a child. I am self taught. Maybe that's the reason. I find I am learning something everyday. I have been drawing since I was three. Being Dyslexic, this was my way to express myself. It developed over time, many different styles of illustration. I love exploring new things, new media, new ways of saying the same thing over and over again. Some of us are so afraid to put our stuff online because someone will copy or steal. That really makes me mad, but you can't stop them. A mentor that I had long ago, told me that when someone is copying you it is the highest form of flattery. I couldn't see it then. I just felt like they where trying to take something away from me. Then I really got it one day. What I do is what I do. What comes out of me through pen and ink, gouache, charcoal, digtal, watercolor, collage, or paint is from me and my creative process. I promised myself that I would not get upset any longer. It only blocks my creative flow. When I stay open I get more ideas. These styles have developed over 30 years. I didn't sit down to pen and paper yesterday. It's been a long time coming. I have no degree from Art and Design school. I am taking classes now. Whether or not I get one will not hold me back from experimenting with new media or techniques. I am ever learning. When you stop learning you stop growing. I've got lots more growing to do. Stay up and keep pressing forward to your artisic goal.
Have a very creative day friends.


2 Geechee Girls said...

She is adorable! Thank goodness for gorgeous representation of the big girls and so feminine too. To many styles, I think not. Bring it on!

Lisa M Griffin said...

you know, i totally hear/feel/understand your frustration. I was told by many a professor to focus on one aspect or style of illustration and pursue that, then out of school, I have had A.D.s ask to see a variety in my portfolio to see "what I can do" so it's like I have told my art students so often... art is subjective, what one person likes and enjoys, the next person won't, which is what makes art fascinating. Keep doing what you are doing, I truly believe that a persons style shines through no matter what the subject or medium. It is who you are, express yourself how you see fit! =)

Lisa Rivas said...

Glad to see that there are others that approve so many styles and are not narrow sighted.
Eventually all your styles tie in to the unique way of expressing your world. I can already see it!
Glad to have found you on the web, now that is broad and all encompassing.
Now did I make sense here?

INDIGENE said...

I love this image, too! I have a variety of styles too! To me it's the word or phrase or story that demands the style and I try not to make it all look the same! Leo & Diane Dillon is always different, and we always know its their work! So I figure we're in good company! Now all we have to do is tell the art directors that! :)

aimee said...

wow, i've just had a chance to poke around more of your blog. i really love your work. and what a fascinating range of styles you have! many people get locked up in one style. good for you, for continuing to play around and discover what else is in you :)

Indigene said...

Hey love,

I would have never guessed you were self-taught...Wow!

I think it's wonderful that you have a few different styles, it keeps you fresh! Look at Leo & Diane Dillon! What would happened if they didn't have a few styles! You're amazing! I'm playing hooky at work, reading your blog, it's a lot more fun than than the report I'm working on! lol! Maybe some of your humor can creep into it! Now wouldn't that wake them up! lol! Oh, I'm self-taught, too! As I always say, we've been working on our art for years, and that's what we bring to the table, a life long determination and love of the craft!