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New Book
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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just Playing around Friday

Let's see, what can I play with next? I like to use what I have around my studio and see what I can come up with. I love my lined sketch pad, so I used a sheet as a background for these characters that I drummed up. I had the cat for something, the children from another piece that I was working on, and just placed them all on that buttery yellow sketch paper. I have a thing for cutouts. I like to leave a little of the white around the edges to make them stand out. Waste not want not. I was thinking about throwing these pieces out until I placed them together on a page. How do you play in your art space? Make your mark and see where it takes you!
Have a creative day.


Lisa M Griffin said...

What a lovely piece you have created with all these different illustrations. It looks like they each came alive to meet up for a playdate in this sketch pad. Fun, whimsical and totally charming!
Have a good weekend.

AstridMueller said...

that's very cool!
you have many beautiful illustrations - I also wanted to comment on the "brown" "read and rise" section of your blog, but commenting was turned off. Just to let you know... Also in case someone would like to contact you, maybe for a project? you don't have your email address and website visible - you should :-) keep up the cool work, and thanks for stopping by at my blog.